Jennifer Aniston Never Wore These Pants – Until Justin Theroux Came Along


Jennifer Aniston’s clothes are all pretty flawless. From the street to the red carpet, the actress impresses us in head-turning phraseologies, most of which flash a slip of leg. Now Jen, who was just named People’s most charming woman for 2016, is breaking down her fashion rulebook for the magazine.

“Fully, let me tell you. I think I’m pretty much the same but he really enjoys me in a emaciated jean, which I loathe. But I think I have more skinny jeans these days than regular,” she said.

That doesn’t mean Jen doesn’t put her own twist on the slimy look. When she does slip into skinnies, Jen usually tucks the outclasses into knee-high boots and completes her outfit with a sophisticated blazer. Comprehend on to find seven times Jen totally owned it in Justin’s favorite join in wedlock of nts. One thing’s for sure: she wears the silhouette well.

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