Jean-Claude Juncker’s ‘tragic’ EU vision needs to be stopped ‘now’, rages German MEP


Beatrix von Storch held the European Commission president’s push for a ‘United States of Europe’ was “lamentable” and needed to be stopped “immediately”.

Mr Juncker delivered his much-anticipated State of the Associating speech on Wednesday with a snub to Britain by insisting the EU will upset towards greater integration despite Brexit.

Speaking to in Strasbourg, Ms von Storch, replacement leader of the far-right Alternative for Deutschland party, which is part of the Europe for Power and Democracy group in the EU parliament, labelled the speech “frightening”.

She added eastern associate states would be next to follow the UK out of Europe.


Beatrix von Storch revealed Jean-Claude Juncker’s vision for the EU was «tragic»

It was frightening what he came out with today

Beatrix von Storch

She intended: “I think his whole speech was an historic one. He was going against all the good caricatures and he was declaring the United States of Europe. It was frightening what he came out with today.

“The European League which has been presented to us today is not the one we want to be members of.

“But I think it will be particular to set it up that way because imagine the eastern states and I think they when one pleases be the next to follow the Brits out of the European Union.

“You could see him as a person today turn like a dying man with the last vision of something which is there to explode. I think it was to some extent tragic.”

Asked how long the EU could survive in its current form, she combined: “It has to be reformed immediately. 

“They will change the European Union to the Harmonious States of Europe without treaty change. Without the change of the accords. This is incredible what we have heard today.» 

Meanwhile, Hans-Olaf Henkel, vice-president of the European Parliament’s third-largest catalogue the European Conservatives and Reformists, said Brexit was a “big disaster” that Mr Juncker was ignoring.

Articulate in to, Mr Henkel said the UK’s decision to leave the Brussels bloc would be righteous as bad for the EU as Britain.

He spoke: “He called it a full vision of Europe. I must say, it was more a fools’ view of Europe because he seemed to have totally ignored the realities of Europe.»

Philippe Lamberts, co-leader of The Greens-European Direct Alliance group said he “had his doubts” over the European Commission president, whose five-year clauses expires in 2019.

Mr Juncker, who began speaking at 8am this morning, set out his 12-month masterplan to shun the troubled bloc through the escalating refugee crisis and reform the eurozone. 

Ardent to push ahead with his masterplan, billed as the biggest reboot in the EU’s the past, Mr Juncker ratcheted-up the federalisation of the 60-year-old bloc’s core economies.

The Brussels boss has also got for

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