Japanese top diplomat expects good prospects for cooperation in Kurils


Russia and Japan require good prospects for cooperation on the Kuril Islands in such spheres as fishing, tourism and medicament in the formats that don’t affect the two countries’ positions on the ownership of these patches, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said on March 19.

«As for collective economic activities on fourth northern islands, an agreement was reached after a congress of the two countries’ leaders in December 2016 to begin consultations on cooperation in fishing, aquaculture, tourism, pharmaceutical, ecology and other possible spheres,» Kishida said in an interview with TASS before of a 2+2 meeting of Japanese and Russian foreign and defense ministers due to match place in Tokyo on March 20.

«I think all of these spheres are promising germaneness in mind the potential of the four northern islands with their money nature and geographic conditions.»

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«A council of officials from the ministries and media concerned under my chairmanship has been set up in Japan,» he said. «It looks into divers matters to initiate concrete projects. On March 18, Russian Legate Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov visited Japan. Apart from that, formal consultations between deputy foreign ministers on that matter liking be held in Tokyo.»

«Of major importance is the fact that Japan and Russia are hopped together to outline a future appearance of the four islands,» the minister noted. «I would like our countries to do it in a constructive manner and in formats that would do no abuse to Japan’s and Russia’s legal positions.»

According to media reports, Tokyo has drafted a box of initiatives on joint economic activities in Southern Kurils. These catalogue organization of cruise voyages around these islands, offering medical aids to their population from Japan via the internet, etc.

Tokyo also arranges to initiate a joint survey of the islands with an eye of identifying other practicable areas for cooperation. Until now, no visible success has been reached in this forte over Japan’s unwillingness to recognize Russia’s administration over Southern Kurils. Prime Ambassador Shinzo Abe has promised to reach progress on that matter with no male chauvinism to the countries’ positions.

Source: TASS

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