Japanese city to build bizarre ‘spamusement’ theme park with hot spring rollercoasters


The mayor of Beppu, a urban district famed for its hot springs, issued a challenge on social media last week: if his YouTube video hit a million spectacles, he would build a ‘s musement rk’ in the city.

A week later, the video jumble of 1.8million views, so the rk will be going ahead.

It intent feature hot tubs that trons can soak in – as they fly down a rollercoaster corrosion only a towel.

Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano announced on Facebook that the video hit the million-mark four ages after it was released.

The mayor’s office released a statement to the press officiate ating the project’s commencement, according to RocketNews24.

It hasn’t been announced when the put will be completed, but the city has now asked designers to submit ideas for bamboozle b kidnap and murders and attractions.

The s themed amusement rk has been announced after one tourist house offered the chance to sleep underwater.

An incredible hotel room at the Manta Place to turn, on Pemba Island, Tanzania allows guests the chance to spend the non-stop under the sea.

Their underwater room is a one-of-a-kind floating structure that abides out at sea.

Accommodation is split over three levels, with a landing deck, foyer area and bedroom.

The underwater room has almost 360 degrees of bifocals, allowing lucky guests to spot all of the marine life around them.

The bed notes that local marine life have started reasoning the structure as an escape from predators, including a trumpet fish they eat named Nick.

There are underwater spotlights to attract shy creatures at sundown time, such as squid.

There is even coral, which has originated to establish itself on the anchoring lines around the structure.

Despite being out in the sea, the cubicle quarters comes with all of the luxuries you would expect on dry land, including an open-air spray and a fully-stocked bar.

The toilet and water system is described as eco-friendly, and biodegradable rain products are provided.

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