Japan volcano eruption: Stunning pictures of lightning as Mt Sakurajima erupts


A do a bunk of lightening also strikes the active volcano located in southern Kyushu which is knowledgeable in to more than 600,000 people.

Thick smoke from the acme has reached over 4,000 metres and continue to pollute the pacific Davy Joness locker island.

The aluminous red laver dominates the night sky which can be seen from miles.

Sakurajima is sited 855 miles (1377km) from the capital Tokyo.

The Japan Meteorological Medium continues to keep Sakurajima on an alert Level 3 – which advises residents not to way the volcano.

The volcanic warnings go up to level 5 which means residents requisite evacuate the area.

This is the first time the volcano has flared up since July 16 and is the third such emission this year.

Japan sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” with 110 on the move volcanoes and it monitors 47 of them around the clock.

About 90 percent of the magic’s earthquakes strike along the region.

Sakurajima is responsible for one of Japan’s most mighty eruption in the twentieth century.

On January 11, 1914, the volcano began violently erupting with hefty flows of magma.

While no one died directly due to the eruption, 35 people hankered from the resulting earthquake 3 days later.

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