Japan to scrap UK beef ban imposed after BSE crisis


Japan thinks fitting end a ban on British beef and lamb that has been in place since the mad cow infection epidemic.

The move comes ahead of a meeting between Japan’s Prime Aid Shinzo Abe and Theresa May.

The leaders are expected to announce funding for technology collaborations at the Downing Circle meeting on Thursday.

Brexit is also expected to loom large upward of the talks, with Mr Abe expressing Japan’s concerns.

Downing Street breaks Japan’s decision to drop the beef and lamb ban, which has been in standing since 1996, will be worth £127m to British farmers closed five years.

Exports of red meat products from the UK surpassed £1.2 billion in 2017, according to Returns and Customs Statistics.

The two leaders will also announce £30m of inaugural funding for “cutting-edge technology to boost innovation, create high-skilled roles and improve people’s quality of life,” a statement from Downing Avenue said.

The funds will go towards new aged-care technologies, medical treatments and grassland transport and energy solutions.

The two countries will also agree to shape closer defence and cultural ties.

Brexit anxiety

Mr Abe is expected to use the rendezvous to reiterate Japan’s concerns over a disorderly Brexit.

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Mrs May expressed optimism about the meeting.

“As the UK prepares to leave the EU, we raise our limits towards the rest of the world. Our relationship with Japan is stronger than endlessly, and this visit will enhance co-operation in a wide range of areas,” she phrased.

However, Labour’s Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner voiced Japanese investors will be “seeking clarity” on Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

“But it is a unambiguousness that Theresa May cannot give – because the future political framework that parliament is to opinion on next week is no more than a flimsy statement of intent,” he suggested.

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