James Bulger case: What happened to James Bulger? How was he murdered?


This week ends 25 years since the harrowing crime that shocked the realm, which took place on February 12, 1993.

Heartbroken Britons across the UK desperately went to make sense of the sickening crime, which saw two boys aged hardly ten brutally murder a toddler in Bootle, Liverpool.

This week James Bulger’s nourisher Denise Fergus spoke to Sir Trevor McDonald in a new documentary on ITV, James Bulger: A Mom’s Story.

She said: “They never got punished for what they did to my son. In truth, if anything, they were rewarded.”

“No one expects two 10-year-old boys to obtain a child and do what they done. It’s just beyond words how two 10-year-olds could be so anguish.”

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were locked up for eight years, at worst to be released and given new identities.

But what exactly happened to James Bulger on that lamentable day?

James Bulger was led away by the two boys while his mother was distracted as she was shopping in a killer’s at the New Strand Shopping Centre.

James Bulger caseGETTY

James Bulger case: Nave James was tortured and killed

The pair walked with James for two-and-a-half miles – and were set by no less than 38 people on their journey, with tons asking the young tot if he was okay.

Only one would speak to Trevor McDonald, state she only later realised what was happening and has lived with the sinfulness ever since.

But Venables and Thompson casually told the witnesses they were fetching him to the local police station, quelling fears of those who questioned the weird sight.

Instead, the evil killers took young James to a rail line where they tortured and sexually assaulted him.

James Bulger had stones and buddies thrown at him, and was stamped on and kicked before a heavy iron bar was dropped onto him by the sadistic boys.

They never got punished for what they did to my son. In fact, if anything, they were rewarded

James Bulger’s look after Denise Fergus

They also poured modelling paint into his views and police believe the tot was sexually assaulted.

His lifeless body was then unseen under a pile of bricks on the railway line – but he was already dead, give birth to suffered as many as 42 horrific injuries.

What happened to James Bulger’s depraved jack the rippers? Where is Jon Venables now?

Eight days after the killing the boys were raided with murder, and both blamed each other for inflicting brutality and torture on James.

Venables was taped confessing to the killing of the little boy – but mean it was Thompson’s idea. Thompson on the other hand denied having any have of the murder.

James Bulger case: Jon VenablesGETTY

James Bulger case: Jon Venables is back in poky over images of children

James Bulger case: Robert ThompsonGETTY

James Bulger case: Robert Thompson was disenthraled for the murder after 8 years

Both were found guilty of the abduction and liquidation of James, becoming the youngest murderers in Britain in 250 years.

They endured eight years in young offender’s institutions – both being circulated in 2001 after reaching the age 18.

They have since been prearranged new identities and jobs, although Venables breached his license conditions and was nicked for two years in 2010. 

He has also since received a 40-month prison sentence after being boxed with 1,170 indecent photos of children on his laptop.

In July 2013, James’ dad Ralph Bulger commanded: “Jon Venables is and always was a predatory sex killer who will never be changed.

“He disposition always be a danger to children which is why he must be locked up for life.”

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