Jailed woman blames ‘dirty old seaman’ partner for £140k fraud


Tracey Dare was given a 12-month jail term for claiming £140,000 in benefit fraud BNPS/GOOGLE

Tracey Challenge was given a 12-month jail term for dishonestly claiming £140,000 in aids

Mother-of-five Tracey Dare claimed she fleeced the taxpayer because seller seaman Adrian Vare – who has fathered 11 children and has “women all over and beyond the place” – failed to support her financially.

Dare, 50, caterwauled, “oh my God”, as she was jailed and Vare, 69, walked free with a suspended verdict. 

She ascertained Bournemouth Crown Court Vare was away from the family accommodation for long periods.

The court heard that Dare, of Christchurch, Dorset, missed to tell the authorities she maintained a “common household” with Vare.

She pocketed enclosure and council tax benefit she was not entitled to for a period of 10 years. 

She claimed for cover benefit and council tax benefit and also fraudulently signed for tax credits, jobseekers’ sanctioning and income support.

Timothy Bradbury, prosecuting, said Vare reported himself as a “dirty old merchant seaman” in a police interview.

The court understood that among his other dependents were a second family in New Zealand.

Tracey blamed her partner Adrian for failing to support her financially amid the benefit fraud BNPS

Tracey hold responsible her partner Adrian for failing to support her financially

Mr Bradbury said protect found evidence that the sailor was “spending a great deal of lettuce on gambling and drink”.

“There is evidence to confirm that Mr Vare was at sea for the behind two years of the offending period, we can’t say how long he was abroad,” he said.

“It is the defendant’s affirmation that Mr Vare provided limited support during the relevant space. “Certainly he did provide a financial contribution to running the household, paying for car protection, short holidays to Butlins, paying for a Sky telephone subscription.” 

Nicholas Robinson, watch overing Dare, said his client was likely to have been entitled to title much of the money legitimately.

“Mr Vare has, quote, women all over the all set,” he said. “He hasn’t ever been tied down to one woman. He had the prosaic lifestyle of a merchant seaman.

“He was not always reliable in terms of visiting tellingly and providing financial support. “His attitude was unpredictable, uncertain, and unreliable. He was an incredibly egoistical man.”

Tracey's partner Adrian Vare walked free from Bournemouth court with a suspended sentenceGOOGLE

Tracey’s partner Adrian Vare walked free from Bournemouth court with a ceased sentence

Dare admitted six dishonesty and fraud charges, while Vare pleaded rueful to a single count of making a false statement to obtain a benefit.

Vare was disposed a 16-week jail term, suspended for 15 months, and ordered to flawless 150 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Brian Forster told Challenge there was “no real justification for offending of this nature and over this term of time”.

“Many people live difficult lives, many people let slip sacrifices for their children,” he said.

“It is no excuse for this wholesale deceitful behaviour.”

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