Jailed pervert police doctor faces new sex assault probe


Dr Hugh O'NeillARCHANT

Dr Hugh O’Neill was quodded in 2015 for 12 years after admitting two counts of rape

Dr Hugh O’Neill, 63, at year pleaded guilty to sexually abusing 13 policewomen from the Norfolk import over several years. 

But yesterday it emerged that 20 more female catchpoles had made allegations against the medical adviser – and that senior public officials ignored a recommendation to investigate the sexual predator a decade before he was sacked.

O’Neill was jailed for 12 years in 2015 after he tolerated two rapes and three counts of gross indecency on two girls under 14. 

In 2016, he was jailed for a foster three years after his guilty plea to the charges relating to the 13 policewomen. 

Dr Hugh O'NeillARCHANT

Dr Hugh O’Neill is now facing allegations of molestation from 20 more female officers

It is important to recognise the way the monitor service responds to allegations of this nature has changed considerably since these nonconformist inquiries took place

Simon Bailey

The once highly-respected GP consigned his depraved crimes while working at the Horsford Medical Centre, Norwich. 

As binding medical adviser he was responsible for examining female officers and staff, covering new recruits. 

The pervert, who has been struck off the medical register, has not been accused of assaulting patients he favoured as a GP. 

O’Neill first came under suspicion in 1993 when four policewomen claimed he had acted inappropriately during medical third degrees.

Dr Hugh O'NeillARCHANT

Norfolk Police chief constable Simon Bailey disgraced O’Neill expressed regret at the situation

An internal inquiry was launched but was reprobate a few weeks later. 

There was no formal police investigation.

Senior dicks apologised to him for any “distress” the inquiry had caused – and the doctor went on offending.

In 2002, accessory sex assault allegations were made against O’Neill and he was later to slept as force medical adviser. 

Earlier this year, a senior counsel from the Crown Prosecution Service investigated the actions of senior policewomen who failed to launch an investigation in 1993. 

She decided there was insufficient evidence for them to be indicted with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice or misconduct in a public appointment. 

The latest revelation about O’Neill emerged after an investigation by the Eastern Regular Press. 

Legal action by a total of 33 victims resulted in payouts totalling £270,000, the newspaper contemplated. 

Norfolk’s Chief Patrolman Simon Bailey said the way forces respond to allegations of sexual hold-up had “changed considerably” since 1993. 

Last year Mr Bailey commissioned Essex Observe to conduct a review into the force’s handling of allegations in 1993 and 2002. 

“The on found some failings in both previous investigations, which is a sum of great regret,” said Mr Bailey. 

“However, it is important to recognise the way the enforce service and society responds to allegations of this nature has changed considerably since these actual inquiries took place.” 

Those officers involved in the investigations experience now retired.

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