JAILED: Doorstep gang who conned dementia victim


Between them he and six others mixed up with face 50 years behind bars after Judge James Spencer branded their misdeeds against frail dementia victims as “terrorism by numbers”.

The men, described as “beneath hatred”, targeted victims aged in their 70s, 80s and 90s at their homes across West and South Yorkshire.

Their most important method was to offer to carry out building tasks at their confused gulls’ homes then charge massively inflated prices for substandard get someone all steamed.

They tricked others by posing as water board officials to addition access then commit thefts.

Leeds Crown Court approve ofed how the gang, some related, had gone again and again to one 83-year-old man at his impress upon in Leeds, forcing him to hand over a total of £15,050.

Another 85-year-old man from Wakefield took them £13,500. An 83-year-old woman from Huddersfield was repeatedly take ined and handed over £1,550 after being taken to a cash mechanism against her will.

Six other victims living in Leeds, Barnsley, Wakefield and Sheffield were also quarried and handed over thousands of pounds to the crooks.

One was aged 92. Ringleader Joseph Doran, 27, from Wortley, South Yorkshire, who was jailed for 11 years on three burdens of fraud and burglary and one of dangerous driving, rammed police cars in a bid to leak justice, the court heard.

Daniel Connors, 39, from Leeds, and ul Boryn, 46, from Wakefield, were both jailed for eight years on two stratagem charges.

Felix Cunningham, 45, from Wakefield, was sentenced to six years while Thomas Doherty, 43, of Leeds, and John Connors, 30, from Pudsey, West Yorks, were each sentenced to seven years and four months.

Christopher Ibbotsen, 66, of Leeds, was prearranged a 12-month community order for his role in the con. The men, who pleaded guilty, were seduced through stolen vehicles used to commit the offences, CCTV clones and forensic evidence.

Inspector Anthony Scopelliti said: “This was an organised racketeer gang that was preying on the weakest and most vulnerable in our communities purely for economic gain.

“This was done in a planned and orchestrated way without any thought for the affect their offending was having on these elderly victims.

“These men are overwhelmingly beneath contempt.”

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