Jail for man who tried to break into student's apartment


Thomas Madden (29) told gardaí he had missed the Communion because he had been “grasped up” and was trying to gather some money to give to his daughter afterwards.

He said he had also recently gone by the board his mother and was trying to get money so he could put a picture on her gravestone.

He was caught when the occupier of the a rtment opened the curtains and saw Wall outside trying to open the window.

Ruling Wall in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday, Judge Brian O’Callaghan signified: “Invading anybody’s home, where they are entitled to assume that they are secure, is a life-or-death offence”.

However, he noted there was no force or violence in the commission of the felony and no-one was harmed. He said Wall, a heroin user, had made advantageous progress recently in addressing his addiction.

Wall of Charlemont Street, Dublin pleaded blameworthy to attempted burglary at High Street, Dublin on September 18, 2015. He has 75 antecedent to convictions including 15 for burglary.

The court previously heard the a rtment was be located in by a Venezuelan woman who was in Ireland studying English. She woke up to a noise at the window and squealed when she saw Wall on the balcony outside trying to push it open. He carry oned trying to get in while she called her for help.

Prosecuting counsel James Dwyer BL held Wall then left the balcony and was arrested outside by gardaí who were handy.

He told gardaí he had gone to the a rtment complex to smoke some heroin and incontestable to try and steal some money for his daughter. The court heard that Exasperate had not seen his daughter since going into custody last year but requirement to play a bigger role in her life.

Judge O’Callaghan sentenced him to two years in choky but suspended the last two months on condition he be of good behaviour for 18 months.

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