‘It’s RIDICULOUS!’ Burley accuses Soubry of BETRAYING Theresa May to DERAIL Brexit


Sky Message host Kay Burley challenged the Conservative backbencher on potentially voting against the Prime Padre as she delivers the will of British voters by leaving the European Union.

On Monday, Ms Soubry circulated herself as co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on EU Relations, which is underpinned by Gina Miller’s anti-Brexit British influence group.

The cross-party pains also includes Labour’s Chuka Umunna, the Green Party’s co-leader Caroline Lucas and the SNP’s European spokesman Stephen Gethins.

According to the organize’s website, they are hoping to ensure Britain does not leave the EU without a sell and the “closest possible working relationship” is achieved between the bloc and UK.

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Anna Soubry on Theresa May being voted down over Brexit

I don’t dream up there is any election ever where the people haven’t actually got what they stand in want

Anna Soubry

Ms Soubry, an outspoken Remain campaigner, could originate to vote against her party line, leaving Mrs May on touchy ground because of her immature working majority in the Commons. 

Looking to challenge the Conservative MP on this, Burley said: “You Tory MPs should prefer to put your Prime Minister in a position where she only needs six of you to not bear witness with her on any particular vote, and she’s in hot water – it’s ridiculous!”

The Conservative backbencher, assaulting to deflect blame, said it was the “electorate” who were to blame for Mrs May’s minority Tory sway.

Ms Soubry added: “I don’t think there is any election ever where the living soul haven’t actually got what they wanted.

“In this instance, they unconditional not to give the Conservative party that big majority that we sought. 

“The people drink spoken, and that’s why everything has changed. The idea we were going to get a actively Brexit has gone because I have no doubt that is not what the more than half of people in our country want.

“That is one of many reasons, but we went to the state on the basis of strengthening the Prime Minister’s hand and the people turned honest and said no.”

She concluded the voters are “the most important people”, as a substitute for of the politicians who can vote against legislation being passed through parliament to protected a positive Brexit for the UK.

This comes as Mrs May is set to publish her Repeal Bill, which purpose transpose all EU legislation into British law. 

MPs will debate the legislation this autumn, consigning Remainers the opportunity to thwart Britain’s European divorce by voting against the Management in the Commons. 

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