‘It’s preposterous!’ Raging Brexiteer rips into Brexit transition during heated BBC debate


The raged Leave voter joined a BBC Brexit panel to express his outrage at the acquiesce in Brexit transition period. 

Brexiteer Chris Rogers told BBC Newsnight: “Some of the whosises that have been agreed during this transition era – I voted for Brexit and I’m not happy about it at all.

“The idea that any sort of new legislation means procedures, which come in during that transition period, my skill is that we have already waved and agreed to that we have no say in that. That, for me, is exorbitant.”

Mr Rogers was also furious about EU citizens also having the unvarying rights as those already settled in in the UK as he warned of an “influx” of EU citizens to Britain during the change.

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Brexit news: Brexiteer Chris Rogers said the transformation deal is “preposterous”

He said: “Yes, we have that if people do move out but I personally feel that there’s more of a draw to come done with to the UK.

“I think they could potentially see an influx on that transitional years.”

Leave voter Marta Stimpson also insisted Britain forced to be ruled by the British and “not by Brussels”.

Remainer Gareth Howell admitted that express Brexit had been the only vote he “ever regretted.”

Mr Howell revealed he had been pressured into voting to fragments in the

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