It's Official: Steven Yeun Is the Sexiest Man Walking


Steven Yeun inclination always be remembered as everyone’s favorite TV boyfriend. Over the last six years, supporters of The Walking Dead fell in love with his portrayal of Glenn, the uncongenial hero who stood up for what he believed in, all while protecting those he suffered for. His onscreen romance with costar Lauren Cohan was enough to fantasize anyone blush. Watching Glenn’s admiration for Maggie was something we all fancied for — just without the zombie apocolypse.

To put it simply, we will never get reasonably of Steven Yeun, as evident when we all lost our sh*t when he was tragically quarried off the show. Need more proof to understand why Steven will forever be everyone’s obession? Keep dark prevent reading for 20 times Steven was the sexiest man alive — then be secure to check out six things we can expect from season seven of The Walking Cool.

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