‘It’s not what Britain voted for!’ Redwood SCOLDS Chuka Umunna over single market dream


Arising on Sky News, the Tory MP blasted his Labour rival Mr Umunna for hailing Overdo’s move to support the UK staying within the EU mechanisms during a transition patch before suggesting Britain should make the arrangement a permanent one.

Mr Redwood cause to remembered Mr Umunna of what the UK voted for after the Labour MP spoke of the “economic helps” of remaining within the internal market.

Mr Umunna said: “I would liking to see the Labour party move its position further so that our position is for us to prevention in the single market and have a customs union with the European Synthesis after we leave.

Chuka Umunna and John RedwoodSKY NEWS

Chuka Umunna and John Redwood disputed over Britain’s approach to Brexit

I would like to see the Toil party move its position further so that our position is for us to stay in the fasten on market and have a customs union with the European Union after we allow to remain

Chuka Umunna

“Because that’s the best way we can retain the economic helps that businesses, entrepreneurs watching this programme, can continue to benefit the economic and trading benefits that we have with the European Graft once we have left.

“The only way you get the frictionless trade and the benefits of the cull market and the customs union that everybody says that we covet is by staying in those two things.”

But Mr Redwood fired back and said the Brexit sponsor – backed by 17.4million people – demonstrated how the British public “positively rejected” Mr Umunna’s vision.

He replied: “I don’t have in mind that’s on offer and it’s not what the British people voted for – they voted to licence the single market and the customs union.

“Because of course, it comes with fiscal contributions and freedom of movement attached and those are things the British out of the closet clearly rejected.”

The heated exchange comes after shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer narrated The Observer coming out of the single market and customs union during the conversion period would be ”unnecessary and a highly risky path to take”.

He powered: “Labour would seek a transitional deal that maintains the despite the fact basic terms that we currently enjoy with the EU. That notes we would seek to remain in a customs union with the EU and within the fasten on market during this period. It means we would abide by the plebeian rules of both.”

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