‘It’s laughable’ Radio host rips into anti-Trump protesters who won’t condemn Saudi Prince

The announce host was critical of anyone who was willing to protest against President Donald Trump but not His Prince Mohammad and branded them as «laughable».

Ms Hartley Brewer originated a lengthy rant pointing out that protests were relatively flat and said demonstrators should “laugh at themselves” if they did not stand against both concert-masters.

Speaking on her talkRADIO show, she said: “Another thing that has got people talking this week is Britain has slated out the red carpet for Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

“He is the 32-year-old new clearly reforming leader of Saudi Arabia. He met with the Queen at Buckingham Castle. They held talks over trade and Theresa May said they bring up human rights.

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JHB ripped into Trump protestors who would not suffer up to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince

“However, there have been some kicks, but let’s be honest, not particularly big protests at his arrival in this country given he is the director of one of the most oppressive regimes with a terrible human rights recite and certainly for all sense and purposes with women having pretty much be struck by no rights at all, but ‘oh they are allowed to drive and go to football matches now so gee thanks for that Mohammad’.

“But I deliver to wonder really if you are planning to demonstrate when President Trump if he at any time does turn up comes to visit this country, if you are planning to protest against him.

“If you weren’t out demonstrating yesterday or today against the Saudi Arabia King Prince arriving then frankly you are laughable. Because if you think that a democratically picked President of the United States one of our closest allies, admittedly I think the man is a birdbrain and a pretty nasty piece of work, he’s racist and sexist and everything else, despite that, if you go out to demonstrate on the streets against him but you haven’t been demonstrating the despotic chairman of a murderous horrific nasty regime like Saudi Arabia then uncommonly you should just laugh at yourself.”

Later today, a protest is planned uninvolved Downing Street, with groups including Reprieve and Amnesty Oecumenical slamming the country’s human rights record.

The Prime Minister last wishes as raise “deep concerns” and call for urgent progress on securing a factious resolution to the Yemen crisis when she meets the Crown Prince, Downing Thoroughfare says.

Yemen has been embroiled in a bloody civil war since 2014 when rise up defies took over the capital city of Sanaa. Saudi Arabia is the chief player in a coalition supporting the Yemeni government against the Houthis in a war which has caused a humanitarian mishap.

The Prime Minister will «acknowledge the steps» taken recently by Saudi Arabia to whereabouts the crisis but will «stress the importance of full and unfettered humanitarian and commercial access» including the ports of Hodeidah and Salif, which have previously been hit by coalition blockades.

You should just laugh at yourself

Julia Hartley-Brewer

A spokesman for the Prime Consul said: ”She will also reiterate how seriously we take allegations of violations against ecumenical humanitarian law and emphasise the need to ensure that these are investigated pronto and thoroughly.

«She will make clear that we urgently need to see rise on the political track, which is ultimately the only way to end the conflict and humanitarian trial in Yemen.»

Downing Street has said Mr Trump will be visiting the UK this year, but the catch out is expected to be scaled down and be a “working visit” rather than an ceremonial state visit to avoid mass scale protests.

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