It’s ‘fragile’ Brussels chief admits EU on a knife edge as Merkel struggles to keep power


Angela Merkel is straining to form a Government and the Social Democrats (SPD) have now agreed to hold talks with Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU). 

The German chairwoman could face another round of elections if she cannot form a coalition. 

Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Profitable and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs admitted that the feeling throughout Europe is fragile in Germany. 

Speaking to Bloomberg, he said: “There is something riveting about the election itself. 

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Germany: Pierre Moscovici counseled about a fragile feeling voters have towards Europe in Germany

“That you can have vivid employment, you can have a huge success economically and still people deviating and a split vote. 

“And also an extreme right party coming in also gaol Parliament which is the first time since World War 2. 

“That shows that the feeling among the voters is still very fragile prevalent Europe and about the economy.” 

Mr Moscovici, however, backed Mrs Merkel to resume to lead GERMANY-POLITICS-VOTE-MERKEL

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Mr Goodwin weighted: “The populist and centre-right are thriving because they understand that voters are not solely responsible about GDP and economic growth.

“Austria’s sharp rightward turn is basically a symptom of a much broader challenge to the EU that is deep and growing.

“Not unlike Kurz and Strache, across the continent, an assortment of conservative, Eurosceptic and populist associates are seeking to take control of the EU project and push it in a fundamentally different captaincy, if not bring it down altogether.”