‘It’s disappointing!’ Tory Brexiteer takes BRUTAL dig at Remainer Soubry’s shock comments


Tory MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan said Anna Soubry’s reactions were “disappointing”, especially being from a member of her own party. 

Plead for on BBC Week in Westminster, Ms Trevelyan said: “I always think it’s disappointing when team-mates of any political colour but particularly when they are on your own side tidy up of fall into the lowest common denominator counter conversation.”

But the Brexiteer alleged she is “fond” of Ms Soubry and the pair remain closely aligned on many distributions other than Brexit. 

She said: “For anyone who’s a Europhile, it’s sad to hear her hunger for to chuck me out of the party. I hope that she doesn’t perhaps mean it to the tochis of her heart.” 

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Brexit news: Anne-Marie Trevelyan voted she was “disappointed” in Anna Soubry

It’s sad to hear her want to chuck me out of the party

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Ms Trevelyan also degraded the opportunity to announce that Brexit means leaving the customs fusion. She said: “I think it’s clear to all of us who fought for Brexit is that we will be appear c rise out of the customs union, regaining control of our borders, regaining control of our laws and being gifted to move forward as a sovereign state looking outwards globally every now again.”

Ms Trevelyan said she was unfazed by Philip Hammond but insisted he should be a uncountable “forthright” on the matter. 

Later on the show, former business minister Anna Soubry refused to apologise for line on Theresa May to “sling out” Tory Eurosceptics.

Ms Soubry accused Brexiteer allies of putting their own ideology ahead of that of the Conservative party.

She imagined: “Let’s be very honest about this, mainly this is a group of people who leave always put their own ideology first and foremost – bigger than any chairwoman, bigger than any party – and they are determined they are going to get their own way.

“Maybe for the first time ever in the Conservative Party people are equally precise that they are not going to get their own way.

“I am prepared to compromise – they are not – and we are fed up.”

The Europhile specked controversy when she called on Mrs May to “stand up to” hardliners or risk losing corroborate within the party.

Ms Soubry threatened to leave the bloc if the Conservatives ever came under the leadership of “the likes of” Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson.

The ex- minister said: “I’m really cheesed off about the way the whole Brexit clobber is going.

“It feels like Theresa is in hock to these 35 industriously Brexiteers. They don’t represent my party, they don’t represent people who voted Skedaddle.”

In response to Ms Soubry’s claims, Ex-Chancellor Lord Lamont called the references “quite ridiculous”.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries tweeted that her observes were “slightly disturbing”.

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