'It's completely SPITEFUL' Juncker’s campaign against Britain is ILLEGAL, claims Brexiteer


The move of the European Commission sparked fury after he said punishing Britain on leaving the bloc will make EU states realise “it’s not worth licence”. 

Brexiteer Richard Tice accused Jean-Claude Juncker of breaking EU law more than the comments as Theresa May announced she will trigger Article 50 on Cortege 29. 

The business tycoon and co-chair of Leave Means Leave said Mr Juncker’s paroxysm was “inappropriate” before negotiations have formally begun. 

Mr Tice denoted: “For the President of the EU Commission to make these disparaging comments before mediations have started is completely inappropriate as well as being illegal be at one to the wording of Article 50.

“It seems clear that he is determined to pursue a hostile campaign against Britain, which will impact negatively on the taxpayers of the EU he claims to represent. 

“No deal is better than a bad deal and if the EU is adamant hither offering us such a bad deal, the Prime Minister should walk away at the earliest chance. 

“Adopting World Trade Organisation rules is a perfectly acceptable way for Britain to proceed, it is what we do with most of the log a few zees Zs of the world anyway. 

“We can only truly benefit from Brexit when we set off the EU and if they have no intention of negotiating, this should happen sooner sort of than later.”

Mr Juncker warned that Britain may have to give up its hopes of a trade deal if it rejects the terms offered by the EU — which are extensively expected to include a «divorce bill» of as much as £50billion.

The UK order have «the choice to eat what’s on the table or not come to the table at all», Mr Juncker told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Mr Juncker insist oned Brexit would ensure the survival of the crumbling bloc. 

He said: “Britain’s illustration will make everyone realise that it’s not worth leaving.

“On the unfortunate, the remaining member states will fall in love with each other again and rehabilitate their vows with the European Union.

“Half memberships and cherry-picking aren’t plausible. In Europe you eat what’s on the table or you don’t sit at the table.” 

In a veiled threat, Downing Passage responded to Mr Juncker’s claims. 

Mrs May’s spokesman said: “We have said divers times we are at the start of negotiations and let’s see how it unfolds.”

The Prime Minister has vowed to “conclude hard” for the best possible deal for Britain as it leaves the EU. 

Mrs May’s letter officially intimating the European Council of the UK’s intention to quit under Article 50 of the EU accords will set in motion a two-year negotiation process expected to lead to Britain time off the EU on March 29 2019.

European Council president Donald Tusk confirmed that he disposition present draft Brexit guidelines to the remaining 27 member avers within 48 hours of notification.

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