‘It’s a VERY UGLY far-left organisation’ Applause as Tory MP EXPOSES Corbyn in QT rant


Talk to on BBC Question Time, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions blasted Jeremy Corbyn above his «anti-Semitic» and «misogynist» shadow chancellor, accusing the Labour leader to be stuck in the 1980s.

Ms McVey imparted: “He’s very North London, he’s very London-centric.

“I would also say Corbynism is unravelling and what we’re escort is a far-left, what we’re seeing is a Momentum, a Militant from Liverpool in the 1980s.

“You’ve got McDonnell who is his follow chancellor who agrees with Marxism.

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Esther McVey claims Jeremy Corbyn permuted the Labour party in an ‘ugly far-left organisation’

“What we’re seeing is the unravelling of a greatly ugly far-left organisation.»

Confronted with the accusation against Transatlantic Secretary Boris Johnson for «laughing at dead Lybians», she replied: “Boris has not in any degree come out and agreed with Marxism, he has never been anti-Semitic, he has not till hell freezes over been a misogynist.

“And this is what you’re seeing now with the unravelling of Corbyn.”

Corbyn is quite North London, he’s very London-centric

Esther McVey

The Labour confederation has been at the centre of public criticism amid a stream of antisemitism asseverations in the last few months. 

In the first threes months of 2018 the party forgotten roughly 3 per cent of paying supporters — the huge decline sent shockwaves all over the party.

In April, The Times also reported hundreds of Labour colleagues resigned and over 3,000 failed to renew direct debits.

The be concerned figures have emerged following a string of controversies surrounding Slavery’s failure to deliver a swift response to the use of a military-grade nerve agent on Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Mr Corbyn’s reaction to antisemitism claims is also prospect to be responsible for the falling membership.

The Labour leader deleted his personal Facebook paginate days after he first came under fire for belonging to gatherings on the network that had posted antisemitic content.

Mr Corbyn had to apologise for action back on the social network against the removal of a mural with antisemitic implication approaches.

The picture in question featured Jewish bankers sitting at a table, take the role Monopoly on the backs of the poor.

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