Italy VOLCANO threat: Seismic swarm of earthquakes hit ancient volcanic area


Italy VOLCANO threat: Seismic earthquake in NaplesGETTY

Italy VOLCANO forewarning: Seismic earthquake in Naples

In Pisciarelli-Agnano, at least one nursery school had been vacated already by 2.30pm when the largest tremor was felt by pupils, stepfathers and residents.

The Director of the Vesuvius Observatory, Dr Francesca Bianco, has made an elbow-grease to calm fears among local residents as the tremors cause disruption to adherents and local businesses.

Dr Bianco clearly took the view that in her space as Director of the Vesuvius Observatory, it was right to issue a statement that sought to purify the situation for those residents who might have been affected.

In her affirmation, Dr Bianco suggested that nobody should be frightened by the tremors they dominion have felt over recent hours and that this status quo – with earthquakes and tremors affecting the region – has been going on for a million of years.

She explained: “This is a seismic swarm that started around 13.34pm and is noiseless underway.

“So far we have detected approximately 30 events.

“The strongest earthquake occurred at 14.09pm with a size of 2.4, and it was detected in the Solfatara-Pisciarelli area.

“This is a situation that has been effective on since December 2012 and that does not frighten us.

“The Observatory constantly keep an eye ons the whole area affected.”

The Mayor of Pozzuoli also moved to set residents after tremors were felt across the town.

“The Observatory constantly monitors the unbroken area affected.”

The Mayor of Pozzuoli also moved to reassure residents after tremors were intuit across the town.

Mayor Vincenzo Figlioli wrote on Facebook to make oneself understood directly with his constituents, who have suffered a series of earthquakes in just out years.

He was keen to tell locals that he is in contact with the allied bodies and that the situation is being closely monitored by authorities.

Italy VOLCANO threat: Seismic earthquake in NaplesGETTY

Italy VOLCANO intimation: Seismic earthquake in Naples

Mr Figlioli said: “A seismic swarm is underway.

“I am in communicate with with the Vesuvius Observatory, which invites us not to create alarm or terror.

“The Observatory is monitoring the activity to ensure our safety.

“This would be share b evoke of the dynamics of the yellow alert of the Phlegrean fields, in the normal activity of the district.”

The Phlegrean area of the city was worst hit by the tremors according to reports – and the epicentre is little to have been in nearby Pisciarelli-Agnano.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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