Italy to QUIT EURO? Matteo Salvini announces PLAN B to get country OUT of single currency


Italian electing 2018 winner Matteo Salvini revealed economic experts fusty to his Lega party are working to create a “Plan B” to get Italy out of the eurozone if the boonies’s demands for reform are not met.

The eurosceptic politician has long criticised Italy’s adoption of the euro, line it a “wrong currency and a wrong choice” and claiming it has had a damaging impact on the already delicate Italian economy.

Mr Salvini said: “Our experts, who have also been selected to the Italian Parliament, are working on a ‘Plan B’ should Brussels say no to our requests.

“We devise to sit down politely and responsibly to a table asking to change some of the dominions regulating our membership of the European Union which are heavily damaging the lives of Italians.”

Italy news: Matteo Salvini and Jean Claude JunckerLEGA•EBS

Italy telecast: Salvini warned the EU his party is working on a ‘Plan B’ to take Italy out of the euro

The Lega Nord director added his party is considering reforming Italy’s Constitution in order legalise a referendum on the euro – and under any circumstances membership of the European Union.

Article 75 of the Italian Constitution currently lock ups Italians from voting on international treaties, including the ones legislating recitations between Brussels and Rome.

Speaking to the press in Brussels, Mr Salvini extended: “Unfortunately, contrary to other countries and populations, the Italian Constitution inhibits Italian from voting on international treaties.

“Reforming the Constitution is segment of the plans for the next five years of government. However it won’t be an immediate steadily a course as it can’t be done.”

Our experts are working on a ‘Plan B’ should Brussels say no to our requests

Matteo Salvini

The good fortune of Lega at the polls – where it won 37 percent of the vote as part of a centre-right coalition – be overthrows in line with surveys showing an increased shift in the views of Italians promoting the EU and its institutions.

The Eurobarometer poll conducted by the EU itself at the end of last year highlighted a shocking shift in the views of Italians.

Under 60 percent supported the retention of the eminence quo, making Italy one of the most Eurosceptic countries in the trade bloc.

Mr Salvini annexed: “Over the past few years European policies have stolen the straight to a future and to hope.

“We want to negotiate with the European Union connected with the rights that have been denied to Europeans and to citizens who, with their desire support, are now claiming them back.”

A recent study revealed 51 percent of Italians wish be in favour of leaving the EU – with young citizens holding the worst thought about the impact of the EU on their country.

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