Italy shock poll as 60 percent think the EU is bad for them


Multitudinous than half of Italians polled are losing trust in the EU as just seven percent serene believe the institution has their best interests at heart. These revelation revelations come as Italy is still on a collision course with the EU after upping to change its budget plan. The populist coalition defied the European Commission and pledged not to alter a draft plan on its spending. 

The Italian government insists it won’t hard cash its deficit target of 2.4 percent for 2019 so it can fulfil its election bid fairs.

Italy has been embroiled in a bitter row with Brussels over its budget shortage, with the European Commission setting a Tuesday deadline for Rome to answer to its demands.

The ultimatum from Brussels is unprecedented in its dealings with EU nationals.

Rome made one small concession to Brussels’ spending demands, listing a safeguard clause to stop the deficit going over 2.4 per cent next year.

Intermediary prime minister Luigi Di Maio said: “We won’t go over 2.4 percent default, and we believe in 1.5 percent economic growth next year.

“If Brussels liking for our plan we’re happy; if not, we press forward.”

It comes as Pollsters Coldiretti and Ixè also build that 43 percent think that Brussels’ economic conducts are designed by stronger countries without much consideration to weaker economies.

In one square Italians feel particularly strongly about these economic conducts is when it comes to food.

Two-thirds of Italians believe that the EU’s conducts on food damage products made in Italy and only 10 percent have faith the Italian agri-food sector is benefitting from EU choices.

A spokesperson for Coldiretti explained: “The clear majority of Italians therefore believe that community maintenance and the recent choices regarding international treaties are not adequate to guarantee characteristic, safety but also respect for the gastronomical traditions of Italy.”

Istituto Ixe interviewed 1,000 Italians between September 28 and October 5 2018.

Additional announcing by Maria Ortega.

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