Italy referendum updates LIVE: Italians decide at polls in 2016 referendum vote


Here we’ll bruit about the election results, exit polls data, referendum sentiment across the European Congruity and the latest from Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The Italy referendum is set to trigger a repel wave across Europe much like Britain’s decision to adieu to the EU — otherwise known as Brexit.

The vote came on the same night Austrians arrived at the the records to vote in the Austria presidential election, which saw far-right leader Norbert Hofer whipped by independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen.

Matteo Renzi Italian referendum GETTY

Matteo Renzi is ambitioning for a Yes vote in the Italian referendum

7.55pm: update: 46,714,950 voters are eligble to vote, dole out in 7,998 munici lities and 61,551 polling stations in the country.

7:45pm: Update: Abroad, Donald Tusk has sent his «warm» congratulations to Van Der Bellen.

The President of the European Body tweeted: «Warm congratulations to @vanderbellen on his election as President of Austria. Curb European unity is essential».

7:43pm: Update: Sardinia, North-East and East Sicily pull someones leg seen the biggest increases in turnout since 2014. While the North East, Lombardy and East Sicily news the highest turnouts

7:40pm: Update: Experts say the result is too close to call as pollsters hinted lower turnout numbers, so their predictions may be out.

7:21pm: Update: Controversy was excited after an Italian voter claimed the pencil used to vote on the ballot could be crossed. However the nation’s Interior ministry has strongly rejected claims of voter humbug insaying the pencils are «indelible».

A voter has complained the pencils used on the ballots can be erased TWITTER/PIERO PELU

A voter has whinged the pencils used on the ballots can be erased

7:12pm: Update: Five Star Progress leader, Beppe Grillo, has spoken after casting his vote in Genoa.

The funny man turned anti-establishment leader told Sky News: “We’ve done a great job, so if we were to suffer defeat it is important not to put the blame on anybody because everyone worked has perfectly wonderfully.

«It would mean Italians have chose something different. We hand down respect this Government.»

Five Star Movement leader speaks to reporters SKY NEWS

The Five Star Movement the man speaks to reporters in Genoa

6:55pm: Update: Turnout has now jumped to 55.8 per cent nationally, with electorate totals high in Lombardy, province of Bergamo, which now has the highest in the country at 67.8 per cent.

By 7 pm (6pm GMT) more than 57 per cent of Italians had functioned to their polling stations, the Interior Ministry said, above the 42 per cent made at the same time in the May 2014 during the European rliament elections, when Renzi’s Autonomous rty drummed up high support.

Woman takes a voting  per in Rome AFP

Nearly 60 per cent of Italians organize voted in the critical referendum

6:46pm: Update: The former UK ambassador to Italy has said the eurozone desire come under pressure if Matteo Renzi resigns in the wake of the momentous vote.

6:36pm: Update: EU bigwig Martin Schulz has also congratulated Van Der Bellen on his win.

He also put in wrote a swipe at the rise of populist politics, describing it as «backward-looking».

The president of the EU rliament tweeted: «Congratulations to @vanderbellen, who won the presidential choice with a clear pro-European message and cam ign.

«#vanderbellens victory is a awful defeat of nationalism and anti-European, backward-looking populism #bpw16».

Martin Schulz's tweet TWITTER

Martin Schulz’s complimented Van Der Bellen on his win

6:29pm: Update: Meanwhile, Germany’s foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeir also retaliated, tweeting: «The whole of #Europe has breathed a sigh of relief.»

6:17pm: Update: Italy’s non-native minister, olo Gentiloni has hailed Van Der Bellen’s defeat of Norbert Hofer as a superiority for the EU on Twitter.

He tweeted:»#VanDerBellen Victory in Austria is really good dope for Europe.»

Italy's foreign minister's tweet on Twitter TWITTER

Italy’s foreign minister thinks the Van Der Bellen triumph is a good thing for the EU

6:11pm: Update: Nearly 55 per cent of the Italian electorate bring into the world voted in the nailbiting referendum as of 7pm (6PM GMT).

5:58pm: Update: Embarrassing footage has emerged of Matteo Renzi losing his ID card as he arrived at the polling station. The Italian premier clearly had other quirks on his mind…

Italy turnout tweet TWITTER

Turnout was nearly 55 per cent at 7pm (6pm local ever)

Italy turnout tweet TWITTER

Italians are said to be fired up by the momentous constitutional referendum

5:45pm Numerous than 20 per cent of the electorate had not yet made up their minds in the last opinion polls published pre-referendum.

Mr Renzi called on his supporters to go to door to convince the undecided in his shut up shop cam ign rally in Florence on Friday.

5:31pm: Update: Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi was pictured cause a polling station in Italy’s capital city of Rome after she chose in the constitutional referendum.

Italy’s eurosceptic anti-establishment rty, Five Foremost Movement, achieved a breakthrough victory after the female lawyer converted history to become the first woman mayor of Rome.

The 37-year-old won a landslide quelling claiming 67 per cent of the vote. The result represented a major breakthrough for the ball which is harnessing public anger at official corruption.

Rome's Mayor Virginia Raggi casts her ballot for a referendum on constitutional reforms, on December 4, 2016 in RomeE

Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi formations her ballot

Rome's Mayor Virginia Raggi leaves the polling station after voting GETTY

Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi leaves the tallying station after voting

5.15pm: Update: Five Star movement chieftain Beppe Grillo has cast his vote in Genoa. He hopes to make arrive ats from a ‘No’ victory. Britain’s momentous decision to sever ties with Brussels was acclaimed by his anti-establishment and Eurosceptic rty.

Five Star Movement, founded by funny man Mr Grillo, has now become the most popular rty in Italy after it won a direction of the national vote in 2013 and earlier this year clinched the mayoral fundaments in Rome and Turin.

If Mr Renzi’s proposals are defeated, opposition rties who are single-minded to push forward a breakaway from Brussels, and with Brexit on the rise anti-EU sentiment across the continent, it is feared they will make for a fight to topple the Union.

Five Star leader Beppe Grillo casts his ballot in a polling station in Genoa, Italy E

Five Star leader Beppe Grillo shies his ballot in a polling station in Genoa, Italy

5:11pm: Update: Italian President Sergio Mattarella has make the graded at a polling station in lermo, Italy

5:08pm: Update: Market jitters receive concentrated on Italy’s banks, saddled with €360 billion euros (£301 billion) of bad credits, and most specifically on Monte Dei schi di Siena, its oldest and third largest lender.

The bank shortages to raise €5 billion (£4.19billion) by the end of the year to plug a main shortfall or risk being wound down. Government officials say what it takes investors may be deterred by political instability if ‘No’ should win.

President Sergio MattarellaE

President Sergio Mattarella comes in lermo, Italy

5pm: Update: The result of exit polls will be announced as any minute now as voting ends and the count begins at 11 pm(10pm GMT). After around 30 heps, the first projections of the result will be announced on the basis of actual expresses counted.

If the result is not close, the winner could be clear after the minute projection, some time between midnight and 1 am. In a very close course, the winner may not be known until the count is completed, probably between 2 and 3 am.

A man casts his ballot in a polling station in Rome GETTY

A man thrusts his ballot in a polling station in Rome

4.53pm: Update: With bookmakers’ queers suggesting a 75 per cent chance of a win for ‘No’, speculation is rife about what Mr Renzi choose do in the event of defeat.

He is widely expected to resign, but some of his allies pre re urged him to stay in power regardless of the result.

4.46pm: Update: After an uexpected beginning vote in Austria, we’re back to Italy.

All surveys published in Italy in the month sooner than a blackout was imposed on November 18 put the ‘No’ camp ahead. But private tallies have continued in the last two weeks and bookmakers say ‘No’ remains the clear chosen to win.

However, in the final days of frenetic cam igning Mr Renzi insisted the noted mood was changing, focusing his attention on the millions of Italians who said they were undecided.

Italy ballot  per GETTY

A ‘No’ suffrage was leading in previous surveys

4:35pm: Update: Mr Hofer has conceded in a shocking Facebook meaning. Read here for more updates on the Austrian presidential election.

4.26pm: Update: Infamous Public service broadcaster ORF declared Van der Bellen as the victor having taken 53.6 per cent of the referendum. While Hofer claimed 46.4 per cent.

4.23pm: Update: Exit samples indicate Alexander Van der Bellen has claimed victory over anti-Islam promoter leader Norbert Hofer.

Norbert Hofer E

Norbert Hofer has conceded

4:15pm: Update: In Austria, the questions have closed in the knife-edge election

4:08pm: Update: Turnout, expected to be 50 to 60 per cent, could be critical. Pollsters say lower rtici tion could favour Mr Renzi, as hostility to his rectification is strongest among young voters and those in the poor rts of the south.

A GNP above 60 percent could also make the result numerous unpredictable as it would suggest many voters who said they planned to abstain ended up affluent to the polls.

Luca Di Giovanni, 36, who runs a newsstand in Rome, suggested: «It’s very hard to decide.

«Yes is a vote for change, which should be healthy, but the issues are complicated and I’m not sure that I trust Renzi.»

Italians vote GETTY

A voting station in Rome

4.02pm: Update: Italians living abroad have voted by stake over the st few days and the ballots have been flown to a hangar on the outskirts of Rome.

3:55pm: Update: In every direction 51 million Italians are eligible to vote on Renzi’s plan to drastically mitigate the role of the upper house Senate and claw back powers from regional prerogatives.

By noon, 20 percent of citizens had voted, the Interior Ministry revealed. Innumerable than the 17 percent who had cast ballots by the same time in May 2014 for the European rliament voting.

Silvio Berlusconi arrives in Rome AFP

Silvio Berlusconi waves to the cameras

3.38pm: Update: Former Italian head Silvio Berlusconi casts his ballot in a polling station in Rome. It afflicted with after he urged Italians to defy Mr Renzi and vote ‘No’ in the constitutional referendum because a ‘Yes’ bear witness would signal the end of democracy.

He wrote: «We will vote for a strong and decision-making ‘no’ to the reform of Renzi’s government that divides Italy in two, which inclination not bring useful changes to Italians. It could only give all the power to one man and one interest.

“We will no longer have a democracy.»

Silvio Berlusconi casts his vote in Rome E

Silvio Berlusconi casts his referendum in Rome

3:25pm: Update: Matteo Renzi , 41, was pictured casting his ballot for the major vote, which he has staked his future, alongside his wife Agnese Landini in his Tuscan place town of Pontassieve

Matteo Renzi and his wife cast their vote AFP

Matteo Renzi and his wife cast their against

Matteo Renzi casts his ballot AFP

Matteo Renzi casts his ballot

3.16pm: Update: The world is watching eagerly for the sequel, which threatens to shake the financial foundations of Italy and push contagion to other political entities in the crumbling EU

3.12pm: Update: Europe is holding its breath as Italians head to the opinion polls in the momentous constitutional referendum, with exit poll results contemplated at 11pm (10pm GMT) tonight. Confident, Italian premier Matteo Renzi has look like to resign if he loses this weekend’s referendum. The results are expected momentarily after midnight.

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