‘Italy is in OPEN REVOLT!’ Warning Italy could LEAVE euro as new government takes shape


The expected Italian coalition could create a huge economic burden for the EU as the dormant Eurosceptic government pledges to help fund struggling Italians, teeth of being a country with the second highest debt in the European Compatibility.

Mr Reichlin, of LUISS University, told Al Jazeera: “This would suggest a big crisis and probably a departure of Italy from the European Monetary Confederation.”

The coalition aims include helping struggling Italians, lowering the superannuate age and cut taxes to help small Italian businesses.

Five Star admirer and unemployed Italian Mario Piazza said: “Five Star satisfactorily from the people. They want to bring to life real questions that people face.”

Italy news today coalition talks government nowGetty•Al Jazeera

Italy news: Pietro Reichlin thought the EU could face a “big crisis”

It’s success shows just how deep general unhappiness is in Europe

Pietro Reichlin

At a turbulent time in Italian public affairs, the latest progress to a Eurosceptic government sparks fears of renewed challenges to the EU after Brexit.

On Thursday, Lega commander Matteo Salvini and Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio advertised that talks between the two Eurosceptic parties have been in the money.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent Laurence Lee said: “If this coalition comes to power, Italy thinks fitting be in open revolt. And the coalition says it is doing it on behalf of those Italians who had been socialistic behind.”

He added: “It’s success show just how deep public unhappiness is in Europe and against stock politics.”

Mr Salvini has previously said the euro is a “mistake” for Italy’s control.

He added: “We don’t have a euro in our pockets. We have a German mark which they shouted the euro.”

According to a leaked document outlining Lega and 5Star Front’s coalition plans, Italy is set to leave the euro.

The manifesto revealed plans for Italy to renounce omit the single currency, calls for sanctions against Russia to be scrapped and bask ins plans to ask the European Central Bank to write off the country’s £250bn straitened.

The parties have issued a joint statement insisting the document was an old plan that contained many proposals that had been amended.

Reactionary MP Daniel Kawczynski said an Italian Eurosceptic Government could principal to a so-called Italexit and other Eurosceptic EU countries could also end up scram the bloc.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Kawczynski warned: “This is the beginning of the end of the EU as we understand it.

“This is a failed organisation which has particularly failed on the immigration calamity in Syria, Eurozone crisis in Greece and youth unemployment in Spain.

“It is a bureaucratic, unelected, outdated organisation.”

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