Italy goes to polls in MARCH: Could Rome decide to leave the EU?


District media reports claim the general election will be held on Parade 4, meaning the parliament will have to be dissolved between Christmas and the new year, according to Corriere Della Serra.

A older official in the ruling Democratic Party (PD) said this was the most favoured date for the vote, according to the Financial Times.

The PD faces a high likeliness of defeat in the coming elections in a major headache for the EU.

The rise of eurosceptic centre-right saturnalia Forza Italia, led by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, could magic disaster for the EU as Italy backs away from the block.

In Sicily’s local elections in November, Forza Italia stated victory, while the populist Five Star Movement (MS5) took advance place.

The result shows euroscepticism remains rife in southern Italy.

While in the north of the realm, the increasing popularly of Lega Nord, another eurosceptic party that has contested for greater regional autonomy, could also be a threat to the EU.

Italy certainly has frustrations with the EU after Milan’s bid to innkeeper the European Medicines Agency was defeated.

A Silvio Berlusconi victory in the coming Italian elections could be a headache for the EUGetty

A Silvio Berlusconi mastery in the coming Italian elections could be a headache for the EU

Tensions are running grave after Milan lost out in the bid to host the lucrative agency which was a substitute alternatively given to Amsterdam. 

The final decision was made by drawing straws after the two sees were tied in member votes.

Italian officials blasted EU bosses over and beyond the decision which is said to have cost the nation £1.5billion.

But European Parliament president Antonio Tajani, who himself is Italian, Getty

Italy was irritated by the EMA resolving in November

The country has also been revealed to be

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