Italy election warning: MAFIA ‘could interfere with vote’ – nervous EU watches on


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Italy’s veiled minister has warned the Mafia could interfere with next month’s combined election

Italy’s Interior Minister said gangsters could “working order” the Italian voters and warned there is a “concrete risk” of critical intervention.

Marco Minniti said different mafia groups across the territory could disrupt the crunch election on March 4, the effects of which settle upon be felt in Brussels as well as Rome.

He said: “We’re in the swing of the electoral game and saying this should not be out of order, it is a fact: there is a concrete chance of the mafias conditioning electors’ free vote.

“The mafias are able to contingency institutions and politics.”

Mr Minniti said there was “too much silence” on the question major and urged local authorities to do more to combat the influence of mafia across the nation.

He concluded: “On these issues there cannot be a silence in the electoral run, I see too much silence on these issues. I say this as minister of the interior.”

Italian telecast agency ANSA said there were three main Mafia associations which had actively disrupted free elections in recent years.

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Marco Minniti commanded the Mafia was a ‘concrete risk’ to Italy’s election next month

They required: “The three main mafias are the Calabria-based ‘Ndrangheta, the Sicily-based Cosa Nostra and the Campania-based Camorra.

“They play a joke on all featured in vote-buying cases over the years.”

The political influence of mafia collections – and the respect they garner among the public – has plummeted in recent decades. However the squads are still active in incredibly lucrative black market operations.

CNBC report in investigates the mafia oversaw a shadowy £183billion industry in 2015 – an amount which equalled 12 per cent of Italy’s reckon GDP.

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The Mafia has devastated Italian politics and society for decades

Officials in Rome and Brussels are both preparing nervously for tallying day in Italy, with the result set to have crucial ramifications for the bloc as a fit.

Recent polls indicate the anti-EU Five Star Movement (5SM) is the most ordinary party in the country – although they are expected to be defeated by a coalition of abate parties.

If victorious, Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini put about he would immediately hold a referendum on Italy’s eurozone membership.

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