ITALY braced for more floods after deadly downpours and extreme weather killed at least 29


A phase of emergency was declared in 11 regions, with the north of the country controlled by alert amid fears over the River Po’s water levels. The countryside’s Civil Protection Office urged residents not to approach the river, which was already somewhat flooded.Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced a £133 million (€153 million) aid include as an orange alert was declared.

The country is facing a £2.62bn (€3bn) cleanly up bill after the torrential rain flooded huge areas, with 112-mph twists barrelling across affected regions.

More than 14 million trees were refuted in the biblical gales.

Nine members of two families died in Sicily as they ate together in a home that was submerged by water flooding in from a nearby river.

RaiNews 24 said the one survivor was the home owner who had left to walk the family dog.

High impends and heavy rains lashed the country throughout the week, causing Venice’s deject flooding in a decade.

The flood damage was estimated at £870 million in the Veneto sector.

Lake Maggiore near Milan flooded pavements as heavy drizzle caused water levels to rise half a metre in just 24 hours.

Lake Orta has also inundated public gardens as fears grow that the 405-mile yearn River Po, which passes Turin, Cremona and Piacernza, could bust its banks.

Severe winds and storms destroyed homes and wiped out forests, comprehending the iconic Red Fir forest on the Dolomites, considered one of the green lungs of Italy.

With regard to 14 million trees are estimated to have been uprooted since the bigs of up to 112mph began to blow across the northeast and south west limits of the country. 

But it is believed the worst of the weather may have now passed 

Italy’s Infrastructure Minister plenipotentiary Danilo Toninelli has appointed a commissioner to deal with the state of difficulty saying someone was needed to “follow simplified procedures” to “do well and legally”. 

The stiff regions are Liguria, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sicily, Lazio, Sardinia, Calabria, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige. 

Additional examining by Maria Ortega. 

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