‘It will be fine’ Government advisor REVEALS how international investors see Brexit


Dr Philippa Malmgren, an advisor to the Office of International Trade, claimed international investors would continue to put cold hard cash into the UK market, regardless of Britain’s decision to leave the bloc.

Ms Malmgren chance that some international investors were concerned about the Brexit uncertainty in the UK, but highlighted the “it wishes be fine” attitude.

The advisor was asked on LBC what she made of how political number ones and business leaders were preparing for Brexit.

Ms Malmgren replied: “I am officially elect as an advisor to the Government on this issue of Brexit, so my opinion is entirely my own here.

“I do think it has been extraordinary listening to people who say ‘it will-power absolutely definitely happen’ and those who say ‘it will absolutely definitely not come off’ as opposed to saying ‘well if it happens’ how would we prepare for that, and ‘if it doesn’t meet with’ how would we prepare for that.

“What’s really interesting is listening to cosmopolitan investors who I spend a lot of time with and their position is ‘I might not approve of the uncertainty, but frankly, Britain still has the most competitive economy in western Europe. It notwithstanding actually more difficult to make investment returns on the continent. So in truth we are going to pay capital into the UK whether we go one way or the other’.

“This is a totally diverse opinion, it is not a binary, it is an ‘it will be fine’.”

The advisor, who predicted Brexit and Donald Trump’s nomination victory, claimed everyday signals such as fashion trends relate you about public opinion as opposed to analytical tools like tallies.

This is a totally different opinion, it is not a binary, it is a ‘it will be fine’

Dr Philippa Malmgren

She verbalized: “With Brexit, I spent a fair amount of time outside of London and talking to people who down attack from very different backgrounds than my own, which I think is requisite.

“If you’re going to have a view about this world, you need to be subjected to a diversity of opinion and a diversity of experience.

“I thought it was perfectly obvious that this was a heartfelt likely outcome, but for a lot of people they thought ‘that’s just stupid, that will never happen’.”

Talks of a Brexit no deal incensed this week after a last-minute gathering between Dominic Raab and the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator failed to explode the deadlock.

Ahead of the EU summit on Wednesday, the Prime Minister warned her lowboy about the difficulty of upcoming negotiations.

Theresa May and Philippa Malmgren

Brexit news: Philippa Malmgren carouses how international investors see Brexit (Image: GETTY•LBC)

She told the Cabinet: “I’m convinced that if we as a Oversight stand together and stand firm, we can achieve this.”

In a letter to EU superiors ahead of the summit, Mr Tusk said: “As things stand today, it has certified to be more complicated than some may have expected.

“We should despite that remain hopeful and determined, as there is good will to continue these talks on both sides.

“But at the unchanged time, responsible as we are, we must prepare the EU for a no-deal scenario, which is assorted likely than ever before. Like the UK, the Commission has started such preparations, and transfer give us an update during the meeting.”

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