‘It was an aspiration!’ Labour MP flounders in roasting over Corbyn’s student debt U-turn


Appearing on the BBC’s Newsnight, presenter Evan Davis demolished Angela Rayner over her party leader’s pledge to wipe out £100billion advantage of debt.

The fiery exchange comes after Labour gained a big gush in votes from young people after promising to scrap £9,000 a year tutelage fees.

Jeremy Corbyn also promised to get rid of fees altogether.

But Davis at full tilt Ms Rayner after shadow chancellor John McDonnell reduced the solemn word of honour to an “ambition” on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Evan Davis and Angela RaynerBBC

Evan Davis ripped into Angela Rayner once more Labour’s stance on student debt

We’ve not secure any promises on the £100bn of debt that this government has created on these devotees of today

Angela Rayner

He said: “One thing in the election that was not costed was the capability to students who have already graduated and paid £9,000 in fees, retrospectively to make a note off or to do something about their debt. Presumably, that has gone then?”

The congresswoman then fired back and insisted scrapping student debt was not in the Deceived by manifesto.

She replied: “No, it was an aspiration that Jeremy said that he would yearn for to look at but it was never in the manifesto.”

Cutting in, the presenter probed further and beseeched: “So don’t bank on that happening if you’re one of those people and Labour win – say an election – in a year’s without delay.”

Ms Rayner then took the opportunity to bash the Tories before communicating her party did not make “uncosted promises”.

She replied: “Well, no it’s not a case of banking on it, let’s be get out, that £100bn of debt is what this Government has saddled the progress students with.

“What we’ve said is if we were in government we would void tuition fees and we would look at that as an aspiration.

“We’ve not made any oaths on the £100bn of debt that this government has created on these devotees of today.

“We’ve said if we get into power we would abolish them from that day forth and we disposition look at what we could do but we wouldn’t make uncosted promises.”

The row be communicates after Mr Corbyn said he would “deal” with the issue of grind debt during the election campaign.

He said: “I don’t see why those that had the documented misfortune to be at university during the £9,000 period should be burdened excessively compared to those that declined before or those that come after.

“I will deal with it.”

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