‘It was an American wrestling match’ Defiant Macron under fire amid Syria crisis


Laurence Sailliet slammed Mr MacronGETTY / AFP

Laurence Sailliet dashed Mr Macron’s decision-making

French conservative Laurence Sailliet accused Emmanuel Macron of being a “impolite draft” president who favours “form over substance”.

Mrs Sailliet, a spokeswoman for France’s right-wing Les Républicains beanfeast, was commenting on an interview France’s President Mr Macron gave BFM TV, RMC radio and Mediapart online newscast on Sunday night, during which France’s 40-year-old leader was phony to defend his authoritarian leadership style and radical reform agenda.

Mrs Sailliet voted when asked by RFI radio to comment on the two-hour long interview, verbalized: “I felt like I was watching a political comedy.

“The interview was quite distressing. It felt more like an American wrestling match than a state interview,” she added, referring to the two interviewers’ – Edwy Plenel and Jean-Jacques Bourdin – unfriendly questioning style and Mr Macron’s defensive answers.

Emmanuel Macron defended the air strikesGETTY

Emmanuel Macron watch over the air strikes

Mr Macron is a president who favours form over substance.

Laurence Sailliet

The top reactionary then proceeded to describe the young centrist as a “rough draft” president who “feigns honesty” and constantly dodges questions.

She said: “Mr Macron is a president who favours form over substance.”

The right-winger also slammed Mr Macron’s decision to yoke the US-led strikes against The destroyed Scientific Research Centre is seen in Damascus


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The destroyed Scientific Research Meet is seen in Damascus

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen also excoriated Mr Macron’s sound out performance and decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government.

Mrs Le Pen voted: “The President of the Republic violated international law and is now trying to make the French confidence in that the airstrikes were ‘legitimate’. But he has not yet shared any evidence to justify the airstrikes on Syria!

“Mr Macron has pretensioned us his true colours. Last year, he made us believe that he want strive to represent the best of the right and the best of the left. But in truth, he outlines the worst of the right and the worst of the left.”

Virginie Duby-Muller, a conservative lawmaker, also entered the chorus of criticism, saying that so-called “Macronism” was nothing but an “error”.

Damien Abad, the vice-president of Les Républicains, for his part, slammed Mr Macron’s TV show as “too stiff,” adding that the president appeared to be “disconnected from Aristotelianism entelechy”.