‘It was a UK referendum’ Remainer Soubry SHUT DOWN by DUP MP on second Brexit vote


Request on Sky News, the DUP MP trashed Ms Soubry’s argument Northern Ireland voters get consistently expressed their wish to remain in the UK – despite NI voting overwhelmingly against Brexit in 2016.

Mr Wilson thought Theresa May’s Chequers deal would jeopardise the position of Northern Ireland in the UK which is a complication he claimed to override the wish of the majority of people in Northern Ireland to scraps in the EU.

Ms Soubry argued the majority of voters in Northern Ireland who are increasingly expressing the fondness to remain in the Brussels bloc give scope for a People’s Vote.

She mean: “The majority of people in Northern Ireland, because they are very substantial and they’re realistic, voted for us to remain in the European Union.

“Because they recognize, I think, the huge consequences of leaving.

“Not just in economic terms but the consequences for the bed.

“And actually the percentage of people who voted Remain have no voice in the UK Parliament.

“But that verbalize is actually growing. More and more people in Northern Ireland long for us to remain in the European Union.

“This is big grown-up serious stuff and the just way to avoid that hard border is the single market and the customs coherence.

“And either we move in that direction or we are in serious, serious difficulty.

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Brexit news broadcast: Sammy Wilson and Anna Soubry in a fiery debate over post-Brexit Northern Ireland moulding (Image: SKY)

It was’t a Northern Ireland referendum, it was a UK referendum and the people of the UK voted to resign from

Sammy Wilson

“And that’s why we need a People’s Vote. Put this retreat from to the British people who are rightly fed up with it all — I accept that — but as the reality dawns, I evaluate it’s right that they have their say on this deal.

“Conspicuously in Northern Ireland.”

But Mr Wilson promptly hit back saying: “The majority of people in Northern Ireland has uniformly voted to remain in the United Kingdom and the kind of deal we’re asking for at the blink will move us from the United Kingdom.

“And the second thing is that it was not a Northern Ireland referendum, it was a UK referendum and the people of the UK guaranteed to leave the EU.

“And as part of the UK Northern Ireland comes under the decision that was made by the people of the Collective Kingdom.”

The clash comes as DUP leader Arlene Foster told EU chief mediator Michel Barnier in Brussels there was no room for compromise despite studies of Theresa May’s potential backstop concessions on the future of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

The Prime Ambassador has stood firm in rejecting the EU’s backstop offer would effectively annex Northern Ireland from Talented Britain by leaving the country attached to the bloc’s customs regime.

Anyway, she is said to be ready to accept a number of regulatory checks between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland if Brussels proposes to accept a UK-wide backstop.

Ms Foster is wholly opposed to checks occurring between Northern Ireland and Outstanding Britain, as she demands the two leave the EU as “one nation”.

The DUP leader told Mr Barnier «there is contrariwise one red line» as she refused to rule out her intentions to veto the Prime Minister’s Brexit apportion if it doesn’t meet her strict requirements.

She told reporters in Brussels: «We’ve till the end of time said there’s only one red line in these matters.

«That’s when we’re cured differently from the rest of the UK in terms of customs in terms of regulatory alignment and that’s not exclusively to protect the constitutional integrity of the UK but also the economy of Northern Ireland.»

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