‘It must be tolerated’ Macron hits out at Muslim women wearing burqas in France


Macron says the burqa should be 'tolerated'EPA / GETTY

Macron breaks the burqa should be ‘tolerated’

Emmanuel Macron said France was did to gender equality, and that the headscarf debate was part of the ongoing conflict against the oppression of women.

Mr Macron said: “I am not especially happy that some [Muslim] lasses choose to wear the headscarf when out in public, but it must be tolerated.”

France adheres to a close and unique brand of secularism, the philosophy of laïcité, which is designed to imprison religion out of public life.

Mr Macron, however, ruled out banning the headscarf – which has been boycotted in state schools since 2004 – in public places. Muslim maidservants, however, have been banned from wearing the burqa – the full-face Islamic hide – in public places since 2011.

Protecting the burqa is a big issue in FranceGETTY

Banning the burqa is a divisive issue in France and has seen diverse protests

I am not especially happy that some [Muslim] women pick out to wear the headscarf when out in public, but it must be tolerated.

Emmanuel Macron

“I characteristic veiled women, but I want to make sure that they are abrading veils and headscarves out of personal choice,” he said, before adding that there was no “unequivocal” reply to the Islamic headscarf and veil debate.

Mr Macron added that veil- and headscarf-clad lasses made people feel uncomfortable because the conservative Muslim headwear “does not correspond with to the civilities of French society,” and stands in stark contrast to France’s on efforts to promote women’s rights and gender equality.

“We are committed to impartiality between men and women. But we must do more to explain this need for gender equivalence and convince people of its importance. However, banning the Muslim headscarf in accessible places would be counter-productive.

“The French state is secular but French union is not, and Muslim women should be allowed to wear what they yearning. 

“I just want to make sure that no woman is forced to wear a veil or headscarf. It’s a battle for emancipation.”

The 40-year-old centrist also vowed to be “uncompromising” in the fight against radical Islamism, which he likened to an catching, “leprosy-like” disease gnawing away at society.

“We must pacify the leagues between religions and society in order to remain united… We must also turn sure that people understand that radical Islam is not Islam,” Mr Macron guessed, before adding that the radicalisation of French youths was one of the government’s “greatest problems”.

The French President was speaking to veteran journalists Edwy Plenel of the investigative website Mediapart and Jean-Jacques Bourdin of RMC boom box in his second television interview in less than a week.

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