It looks like the Galaxy S9 is getting a variable aperture camera


Dilate / The Samsung Galaxy S8+.
Ron Amadeo

The latest in the never-ending string of Samsung Galaxy S9 splits has to do with the device’s box. Reddit user minhvn shared an image of what plays to be a Galaxy S9 box, and it looks pretty legit to us. With the expectation that the Galaxy S9 thinks fitting look a lot like the Galaxy S8, the box shows all the specs you would expect: a 5.8-inch 1440p OLED manifestation, an iris scanner, 64GB of memory, 4GB of RAM, and wireless charging.

The main new summation in the spec list is a 12MP rear camera that lists two camera gaps: f/1.5 and f/2.4. This sounds like the Galaxy S9 will haul with the same variable aperture camera that Samsung has already shipped in the W2018 go off the deep end phone. In non-ideal lighting conditions, the W2018 uses the f/1.5 hole to collect as much light as possible, but in brighter lighting, it switches to f/2.4 for a broader depth of field. Samsung’s $1,500 ($1,500? $1,500!) flip phone doesn’t be experiencing a wide distribution, but the gif of this camera working is pretty incredible—equitable like a DSLR, a set of miniaturized aperture blades open and close with the changing light-headed levels.

Another feature revealed by the spec list is a set of stereo spielers. Again, with the understanding that the Galaxy S9 will look a lot disposed to the Galaxy S8, this most likely means that the earpiece now enlarges as a second speaker and will play along with the usual bottom-firing lecturer.

The Galaxy S9 will launch at Mobile World Congress in February.

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