‘It is clear what OUT means’ BBC host forced to intervene in FIERY Brexit confrontation


The prodigious clash erupted between the Sunday Express Political Editor and the Paladin columnist over what the public wants from Brexit.

The Keeper writer claimed on BBC’s Daily Politics that “nobody knows what the blatant voted for”.

Ms Tominey insisted that it was very clear exactly what the British people hanker after when they voted to leave the European Union in June 2016.

She articulate: “The public voted for Brexit.

Brexit news: Camilla Tominey and Polly ToynbeeBBC

Brexit news: Camilla Tominey clashed with Polly Toynbee on BBC’s Common Politics

“The public doesn’t advocate a peers versus the people structure.

“And the public also doesn’t like this rhetoric about reversing Brexit.

“Brexit has happened we should not lose sight of what the public want in all this.”

The Guardian penny-a-liner claimed “nobody knows what the public voted for”, prompting Ms Tominey to acknowledge: “The public knows exactly what they voted for Polly, for goodness objectives.”

The public voted for Brexit

Camilla Tominey

Ms Toynbee replied alleging the Sunday Express Political Editor did “not speak” for the British public any uncountable than she did which sparked another swift response.

Ms Tominey pronounced: “Any polling suggests that the Brexit and Remain vote remains the in any event.

“You haven’t had a load of Brexiteers pulling their hair out going ‘I didn’t uphold for this’.

“They did know what they were voting for, because they haven’t mutated their mind.”

As the pair began interrupting each other the master was forced to intervene.

The Preserver writer, Ms Toynbee, finished: “We know that we voted for out, I totally come, people haven’t changed their mind about that.

“But what out means is what all of this is in all directions. An out that really does us harm or an out with minimal damage.”

Ms Tominey cut in one last time by saying: “I think it is clear what out means.”

The row crumbles amid the House of Lords defeating the Government’s Withdrawal Bill on Wednesday, retiring the door open for the UK to remain in the customs union after Brexit.

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