Israel admits BOMBING Syrian nuclear reactor in dire warning to Iran


The sudden confession comes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recited calls in recent months for the US and international community to take tougher fighting on Iran, one of Bashar Al Assad’s Syria’s allies.

Tehran has been detected as a threat by Mr Netanyahu, despite Iran insisting its nuclear programme has only placid aims.

And in a new twist, the Israeli military has claimed that North Korea served build the Syrian reactor and the Al-Kubar facility near Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria, and powered it was just months away from its activation.

The force claims that an sprightly reactor in the area would have had “severe strategic implications on the whole Middle East as well as Israel and Syria.”

Israel Katz, Israel’s alertness minister, defended the airstrike on Twitter. 

The (2007) operation and its success flesh out b composed clear that Israel will never allow nuclear weaponry to be in the hands of those who presage its existence – Syria then, and Iran today

Israel Katz, Israel’s brainpower minister

He wrote: “The (2007) operation and its success made clear that Israel wishes never allow nuclear weaponry to be in the hands of those who threaten its being – REUTERS

Israel admitted bombing a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

“To our assessment mum and orderly for achieving a nuclear weapon.”

An accusation that REUTERS

The Israeli military liberated intelligence documents about the bombing

In a statement, Damascus said: “The Syrian administration regrets the campaign of lies and falsification by the U.S. administration against Syria, listing allegations of nuclear activity.” 

The Israeli attack was first made apparent by Syria in the early hours of September 6, when it said it had turn ones stomached an incursion by Israeli warplanes.

The Israeli release, which Reuters voted it has been unable to immediately verify, contains a black-and-white aerial photograph captioned “before the offensive” and showing a box-like structure amid desert dunes with smaller far-away buildings.

A series of black-and-white videos, taken above the target, explains the structure in cross-hairs. 

Israel bombing Syria: The area before and after REUTERS

The Israeli attack was first made exposed by Syria hours after the bombing

A male voice is heard add up down three seconds, a cloud of black smoke rises from the build as it explodes.

Other footage appears to show the aftermath – a smouldering burrow in the ground.

Israel’s release came ahead of the publication of a memoir by the then Israeli Prime Holy Joe Ehud Olmert containing a recount of the 2007 strike. 

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