'ISIS will strike Italy soon' Warning as officers ordered to do more shooting practice


Franco Gabrielli jarred Italians by saying terrorists with ISIS links had already report in “very close” to committing atrocities on a grand scale in the past.

He has guaranteed to boost the police force by 1,000 officers in a bid to keep the public safe-deposit and has increased shooting practice drills for his trigger shy officers.

The Principal of L’Aquila asseverated: “I think we must be very clear about the fact that the fate of an attack in Italy is very high. 

“That goes from alluring a car and running over a group of people to start shooting at a crowd, and so on. 

“We are have a word with today a different kind of terrorism from the past. But I think we should absolutely give a message of quiet confidence.”

When terrorists have been prevented sinister facts have emerged about how close they were to committing mobilize murder.

He said: “Most people detained in our country and considered component to ISIS were very close to actually carrying out attacks and decimation others.

“I say it openly: we will have to pay a price as well.

“The investigations, over subsequent to repatriations, have shown that most people stopped in our country with links to ISIS were very close to as a matter of fact carrying out attacks and killing others.”

But Mr Gabrielli admitted his own police effective needed to become better at actually firing their weapons at subversives.

He said: “The first thing I focused on when I arrived was the shooting custom. But our police officers, at times, are a bit reluctant to ensure that training is continuous. 

“There are things to do about this issue, but there are also occurrences that prove how we are.”

However, the Italian law enforcer was complimentary about the reserved ties between European intelligence agencies, saying a good suss out d evolving relationship between EU nations helps make the world a safer deposit.

He said: “We are living a very lucky moment from this full stop of view. We have an excellent relationship with international police armies and we collaborate actively.”

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