ISIS: War on IS ‘about to enter its end game’ says RAF Commodore


Jonny StringerREUTERS/BBC

Jonny Stringer (R) has declared that IS morale is crumbling following their defeat in Raqqa and Mosul

Air Commodore Johnny Stringer put IS morale is “crumbling” following the liberation of Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa, its Syrian HQ. 

His optimism was echoed by the new Explanation Secretary, Gavin Williamson, who said the campaign against IS was in its last fakes. 

Amid hand-wringing in Britain about how to treat returning jihadis, Air Cdre Stringer reported the idea they had not known what they were joining was “gammon.” 

Having just returned from a year commanding Britain’s air contribution to the US-led Coalition, he perceived a London briefing that jihadis were legitimate targets after troop to “nihilistic” IS. 


Kurdish female fighters of the SDF flock to celebrate the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa

You pitch up in Iraq or Syria make for Daesh, then you are absolutely valid to be targeted by the Coalition

Air Commodore Johnny Stringer

Round 850 Britons are known to have gone out to IS – or Daesh. 

Some 150 tease been killed; 400 have come home, leaving 300 peaceful fighting on. 

Last month Foreign Office minister Rory Stewart required the only way to deal with jihadis is to kill almost every one. 

But the self-governing reviewer of terrorism legislation, Max Hill QC, said young people who travelled to Syria after being “brainwashed” should be allowed to hit home and rejoin society. 


Female fighters celebrate at the iconic Al-Naim old-fashioned in Raqqa

The Government is now considering a pilot project which would perform returning jihadis council houses and other support to try to de-radicalise them. 

But Air Cdre Stringer denoted the jihadis had made their choice.

He added: “I think the key part is that you set up got British passport holders, British citizens, who by their free commitment have elected to go out and frankly fight on Daesh’s behalf. Let’s not sort of berate this up. They have made themselves valid targets in so doing. 

“I reflect on any sense that you could go out and have some sort of Daesh-lite vocation is rubbish frankly and equally any sense that you could go there and not grasp at heart just what a dark organisation it was – and what it was conducting in Iraq and Syria and its longer duration intent – is probably fanciful. 

“You pitch up in Iraq or Syria fighting for Daesh, then you are to be sure valid to be targeted by the Coalition.” 

The rule of IS has been brutal, with sector executions often used for propaganda. 

Air Cdre Stringer added: “I cannot value of anybody so nihilistic as Daesh. For the hard core of their members that we be enduring seen in Iraq and Syria, there has been no discussion, because they homelessness to fight to the death and take as many people with them as they can.” 

Regardless how he added: “The caliphate has all but disappeared. Around 90 per cent of territory take hold of by Daesh has been liberated and 5.6 million people previously below their yoke freed. 

“Daesh morale has been crumbling for uncountable months. We are clearly in the end game now. That is not to say it is over – and that is not to say there is not affluent to be some hard fighting to come.” 

New Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson granted, saying: “As the campaign… enters its final phase, we will keep on to support the international coalition to decisively defeat our common enemy in Iraq and Syria. It is only by defeating them and their poisoned ideology that we can keep Britain tried.” 

Air Cdre Stringer also said the Coalition has thwarted UK terror decomposes by blasting IS positions in the Middle East or disrupting their communications. 

But he bid the UK is still at risk.

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