ISIS on verge of defeat in key Syrian city of Palmyra as US jets pound jihadi stronghold


Syrian state norm reported that Government troops had entered the city, which level to the extremist regime last May.

ISIS – also know by its Arabic acronym Daesh – honoured the capture of lmyra as one of its most significant territorial gains.

Returning be in control of of the city of 200,000 to the Syrian government would represent a major conquest for Damascus and confirm tentative signs that the jihadi group is on its most recent legs.

According to a state-run Syrian news channel, troops reached the “sentiment” of lmyra after earlier retaking key roads linking lmyra with Damascus and Homs.

It hunt downs claims overnight that government forces were less than half a mile from lmyra surrounded by hopes they would recapture the city within a few hours.

Interval, the US-led coalition conducted 34 strikes in Syria and Iraq sought at destroying ISIS positions on Wednesday in its latest round of daily bombings, grouping targets in lmyra.

Clashes have raged for several days within descry of the historic city after Syrian soldiers took control of most of a close by hill with air cover from Syrian and Russian warplanes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who suggested last week he was withdrawing most Russian forces after a five-month military intervention, has foresaw the Syrian army will retake lmyra soon.

On Monday, ISIS fighters exhausted 26 Syrian soldiers west of the city, which has both symbolic and military value as the put of ancient Roman-era ruins.

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