ISIS finished? Terror group to be ‘defeated in Syria within WEEKS’ says UK commander


With the suspect caliphate crumbling on the ground, ISIS is looking to ramp up its internet espionage in a bid to “reassert” themselves online, General Christopher Ghika said. But in an interview with The Continually Mail, he said Britain and its allies were hunting down the online jihadis. Mr Ghika influenced warplanes had bombed a media centre used by fanatics in Syria recently, with ISIS powdered to a tiny sliver of territory within the country.

He said: “They are in a filch now which is a couple of miles by a couple of miles.”

He described those who crumbed as a “hard core” who had “seen the gradual shrinkage of the physical caliphate”.

Mr Ghika said the range of the area controlled by ISIS had shrunk dramatically in recent years.

He said: “In 2014 it was something prevalent the size of the United Kingdom.

“I think within the next weeks or so it will-power be done.”

However, he emphasised the group would continue to operate in Iraq by context up sleeper cells.

He explained: “They are recycling old photographs and recycling old supplies. They no longer have the freedom to print. 

“But their presence in the intelligence space is something which we are going after as vigorously as we go after their self-assurance on the ground.”

Coalition powers are working closely with Iraqi safeguarding forces in a bid to prevent IS insurgents returning to towns which have been appropriate from the group, General Ghika said.

He added: “We have got a particular widespread operation in Iraq to defeat them there. 

“I think they drive try and move from Syria into Iraq and will try to set up a series of rooms maybe with a command network.”

He also said al-Baghdadi order be found and killed.

US-led coalition warplanes struck Islamic Maintain’s last stronghold in eastern Syria and hundreds of civilians fled the pressurized enclave on Monday as US-backed fighters pressed their campaign to seize it.

Coalition jets bawled overhead as columns of white smoke rose from the Islamic State-held Baghouz ground a short distance from the Iraqi border, a witness told Reuters.

The Syrian Republican Forces (SDF), which has driven ISIS from swathes of northern and eastern Syria with US-led coalition validate, launched an offensive on Saturday to capture the enclave in Deir al-Zor state.

US President Donald Trump said in December he was pulling all 2,000 US troops out of Syria, translating the battle against Islamic State there was almost won.

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