'ISIS days are NUMBERED' Trump declares WAR on radical Islam as he outlines foreign policy


The Republican front-runner said if he suited president he would “shake the rust off America’s foreign policy” and purpose rebuild the US military.

He said America’s military would be so strong that no-one devise ever think of attacking the country again.

The major speech succeeded a day after he scored a cleansweep of victories in five Northeastern US tates that commenced him closer to capturing the Republican presidential nomination.

He explained that US military dominance “forced to be unquestioned by anybody and everybody.”

He added that “Islamic State’s primes are numbered” as he vowed to defend Christianity in the Middle East.

He continued: “We hold done nothing to help the Christians in the Middle East. We should be mortified of ourselves

“We left Christians subject to intense persecution and even genocide.”

In a astound move for a Republican candidate, he said that America was “getting out of the land building business and into creating stability in the world.”

The bombastic civil servant also hit out at Obama’s policies, labelling his legacy as “weakness, confusion and disarray.”

He bruit about Obama had “helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power” in Egypt.

Mr Trump also promised to provoke US allies bear more of the financial burden for their defence and y their objective share.

He said: “The countries we defend must y for the cost of this protection.

“If not, the U.S. must be pre red to let these countries defend themselves. We have no high-quality.”

The New York billionaire used a teleprompter for the speech as he begins to broaden his fascinate to American voters following his often bombastic and off-the-cull style.

Mr Trump squealed the cked press conference that he would seek better relations with Russia and China.

He foretold “an easing of tensions with Russia from a position of strength” is viable.

He also spoke about Obama’s failures in foreign policy which be experiencing let China take advantage of the United States.

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