ISIS claims to have shot down US military jet over Iraq killing all on board


Amaq, a scandal agency that supports the terrorist organisation claimed ISIS dram down a plane flying near Ain Al-Asad air base in Anbar.

The action also claimed both the pilot and crew were killed in the dis ragement near the air base which is used by both Iraqi and US armed compels.

But the Pentagon denied any aircraft being shot down or reported ss over.

A spokesman for the Pentagon, using the US acronym ISIL for the terror group, conveyed: “There is no truth to reports of ISIL downing a US aircraft near Anbar.

“All US and coalition aircraft are accounted for at this on occasion.”

ISIS sleeper cells are believed to be based in the area.

The US has been foremost coalition air strikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria and has reclaimed areas classifying Mosul in Iraq, and Manbij in Syria from the jihadis.

The coalition has conducted 73 directs inside Iraq over the last seven days in support of Iraqi custody forces.

The US Defence De rtment says more than 23,770 Iraqi confidence forces have been trained by the coalition in the fight against ISIS.

US strengths have been attempting to stabilise Anbar Province as rt of Shamus Inherent Resolve.

The Pentagon said air strikes are continuing in Iraq authenticating local security forces.

In a press conference earlier today, Army Colonel Christopher Garver said: “The Iraqi Safe keeping Forces continues offensive operations in and around the area.”

Efforts are being aim for to retake large swathes of territory back from ISIS in the Euphrates River Valley.

The declare by ISIS came just hours after the terror group claimed burden for an attack in Ansbach, Germany.

A 27-year-old Syrian man named locally as Mohammed Deleel, flip ones lid b exploded himself up outside a wine bar injuring at least 12 people on Sunday edge of night.

Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann said a video in Arabic ground on Deleel’s mobile phone showed it was a terrorist attack.

ISIS insist oned responsibility for the attack and branded Deleel “a soldier of the Islamic State”.

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