ISIS ATTACKS ISRAEL: Four dead & 15 injured after truck ploughs into Jerusalem pedestrians


The 67-year-old gaffer told a press conference at the site of the attack: «»We know the agreement of the attacker, according to all the signs he is a supporter of Islamic State. We have sealed off Jabel Mukabar, the less from where he came, and we are carrying out other actions which I pleasure not detail.”

The truck and driver was shot at by security services at least 11 many times after it rammed into a popular promenade — Armon Hanatziv — overlooking the walled Old Municipality.

Eyewitnesses said the truck hit a group of unsuspecting people who had been around b be socially active off a coach as they arrived at the popular spot in the southern part of the conurbation.

Mr Netanyahu visited the scene and convened his security cabinet, a forum of elder ministers, to discuss Israel’s response. 

He said: «We know the identity of the attacker. Be at one to all the signs he is a supporter of Islamic State.»

The Israeli PM said that pledge forces were controlling access in and out of the neighbourhood.

Authorities have ringed it a deliberate attack. 

A police spokeswoman said: «It is a terrorist attack, a jamming attack.»

Three women and one man all in their 20s, who were members of the Israel Reason Forces (IDF), were killed during the terror attack.

The soldiers were winsome a tour of the city when the Mercedes flat-bed truck drove put straight at them.

Paramedic Landy Sharon, who arrived at the scene, said he «saw a stock that hit a group of young people that got off a bus near the Armon Hanatziv utterance post.»

He said: «About ten people were lying on the ground nigh the street. Some of the were trapped under the truck.» 

While Haim Neuman, a period of service guide who was with the soldiers that were attacked, said the Palestinian arsonist drove over the victims numerous times to inflict as much invoice as possible.

He said: “The soldiers got off the bus, and we were getting organised when in a flash the truck came with great speed and rammed into the circle. Civilians and soldiers began shooting and this prevented a worse calamity.

“He rammed them a number of times, going into reverse and advance in order to hurt more people.”

A bus driver who witnessed the attack maintained: «They shot him, until they neutralised him.»

A report on Israel Ghetto-blaster said that bodies were «strewn on the street».

The media safety-valve added the driver was a Palestinian but did not immediately give his name.

Lia Schreiber, one of the orientates for the group of soldiers, said: “I was explaining about the view of Jerusalem. I saw soldiers holler and screaming. Some of the soldiers started shooting. It took some values bright and early to kill [the driver] so he was able to reverse. The whole thing took peradventure a minute and a half.”

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said: «A lone arsonist rammed deliberately into the group of soldiers. Forensic experts are now at the disturbance and we are looking into if it was a planned or opportunistic attack. We are currently looking at the ID of the driver of the commodities.»

Mr Rosenfeld confirmed that 10 people had been taken to dispensary and heightened security had been put in place around the city.

At least two of the damage were said to be in a serious condition, according to the Magen David Adom ambulance accommodation.

it is believed to be one of the worst terrorist attacks in the city in recent months.

A gesticulate of Palestinian street attacks, including vehicle rammings, has largely slowed but not bring to a stop completely since it began in October 2015.

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