Is THIS the worst plane passenger ever? JetBlue journey turns into flight from HELL


The voyager boarded her JetBlue flight yesterday from San Francisco, where she charges. 

After discovering she had lucked out with not one but two empty seats beside her, Jessie clear to tweet a picture. 

Captioned, “My two favourite people to sit with on a plane”, the mental picture showed the two empty seats beside the plane window. 

But a short things later, Jessie’s dream flight turned into a journey from Hades. 

JetBlue flight passenger feet armrest TWITTER•GETTY

JetBlue passenger Jessie Char was revolted to discover an empty seat wasn’t so empty

Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare

Jessie Char

Jessie tweeted, “You geezers will never guess what happened next,” before pay out photo evidence of the scene that ruined her day. 

A pair of bare feet had mocked their way through from the row behind and settled on two of the armrests.

Sharing the image of the protruding feet, Jessie wrote: “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare.”

The photo at once went viral, with 20,000 likes and almost 1,000 references.

JetBlue flight passenger feet armrest TWITTER/JESSIECHAR

JetBlue passenger Jessie was happy to find two empty seats beside her on her flight

But Jessie’s disgust didn’t block up there. Soon afterwards she tweeted: “You guys will never speculation what happened after that.

“The left foot reached in and opened a window.”

It seems her fellow TWITTER/JESSIECHAR

JetBlue – a rider had slipped their feet through the armrests on the plane

Another plan it was “completely unacceptable”. 

Passengers who forget their manners sky-high infrequently seem to go unnoticed by their fellow travellers. 

Last year one man tweeted a photo of a voyager who had removed his trousers and placed his feet up on the wall in front of him. 

The man was eventually summon inquired by cabin crew to put his feet down, but his jeans stayed off for the entire soaring. 

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