IS THIS the most upsetting advert EVER? Amazing story will leave you in TEARS


The tearjerking saga of a young boy who stole to help his sick mother, before being gospel the chance to yback a man who helped him on his darkest days, has been watched by throughout 12million people.

And most admit there was not a dry eye in the house when it was done.

The advert deracinates on the heartstrings by retelling the tale of a tiny boy who went to great lengths to facilitate his mum.

During the three minute tale, viewers see how one child was caught thievery a bottle of medicine and a few ckets of inkillers.

As he was being told off the owner of a -away noodle bar came to his aid and selfessly id for the supplies – also giving him self-ruling soup.

Thirty years late the same noodle vendor is ration the needy when he falls and hits his head.

It then cuts to a sanitarium scene where his daughter, now grown up, is shown a staggering bill for her abb’s medical treatment.

She is shown sitting by herself and crying and has to sell her originator’s business.

The story then moves to a scene inside a hospital elbow-room. The daughter, who is sitting by her father’s bedside, wakes up to find a letter.

In it is a new neb with all the expenses revised to zero, and a note saying the debts were id for 30 years ago with the backbone of medicine, three ckets of inkillers and a bag of soup.

The doctor, called Dr Prajak Arunthong, sporadically again appears on screen as viewers realise he was the child who decades at the cracker was rescued by the noodle bar owner.

A slogan on the screen concludes: “Give ground is the best communication.”

Millions have watched, shared and commented on the video, divulged by Thai mobile operator TrueMove.

One viewer wrote: “I’ve watched this so varied times and i still cry. Words can’t describe.”

Another added: “This is an remarkable video, always have a tear in my eye watching this! If only there were multitudinous people in the world like this.”

Benz K wrote: “I memories a little boy was a beggar at first LOL… but he’s a doctor. My tears are pouring in the same way as a river.”

Another said: “24 year old man and I’m crying on this be rtial to a baby. I wish it really did work in real life like that.”

Arash Kordi wrote: “This is the most moving film I have EVER seen. I can’t stand to see it because it’s so beautiful and heartbreaking at the nevertheless time.”

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