Is THIS the future of cruise ship travel? Giant luxury liner flies through the SKY


The simile shows the striking concept of a flying cruise ship

Cruise vacations have rapidly changed over the past century as technology has gave for radical developments. 

Ships are now built to offer more luxury than endlessly, with many cruise lines pushing the boundaries when it put ones hand to new features on board. 

From race tracks to rollercoasters, skydiving and mega glosses, cruise ships in 2017 are a lesson in entertainment. 

But the future of cruise deliver travel could be even more mind-blowing. 

Shared on Reddit, one figure of speech shows the striking concept of a flying cruise ship. 

cruise ship holidays travel future flyingREDDIT

Cruise carry holidays: Are flying cruise ships the future of travel?

The blip-like craft is shown soaring over mountains and through clouds, with lodgers wandering on top of it. 

A pool is set on the surface, set by deck chairs and green space up the second. 

The incredible cruise ship-plane hybrid has thoroughly impressed the internet. 

Also shared on Imgur, the metaphor has been viewed over one million times, with hundreds of opines. 

One user wrote: “We shall call it… The Flytanic!” while another idea it should be called the “Skytanic”. 

Cruise ship holidays travel future flyingREDDIT

Cruise ship holidays: The image ushers the concept of a flying cruise ship with a pool on the roof

Another viewer penned: “I love these, hope they become a thing at some single out.”

One Reddit user questioned what would happen if the “ship” hit turbulence, while another teased it would creat a “free wave pool”.

Though the concept capability seem inconceivable, flying cruise ships could exist in the time to come. 

One company is testing out a design called the Aeroscaft, a blimp-like airship that hoists off like a helium-filled balloon. 

Cruise ship holidays travel future flyingGETTY

Cruise ship holidays: Could your itinerary one day be the spitting image to the skies?

If successful, the prototype would become the world’s largest aircraft. 

It commitment also have potential to surpass the current title holder of far-out’s biggest cruise ship.

MSC Cruises has announced its next four ‘Unbelievable Class’ ships will hold a record-breaking 6,850 passengers each.

This overcomes the record of 6,780 passengers which is currently held by Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Multitudes.

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