Is Spain deluded? Minister claims Spanish WILL have seat at Brussels table after Brexit


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Spanish wherewithal chief Luis de Guindos is ‘convinced’ his country will have more EU force

Luis de Guindos admitted the Spanish have been underrepresented Europe and in the EU, but gaged the situation would be reversed. 

And the Minister of Economy said he was “convinced” the next important monetary role — currently occupied by a Portuguese national — on the continent desire go to a Spaniard. 

In an interview published in Madrid-based newspaper El Pais, he said: «I am persuaded that we are going to have more weight.

“The next position that begins in the executive of the European Central Bank (ECB) will be for Spain.

The next position that arises in the managerial of the European Central Bank will be for Spain

Luis de Guindos

“I’m convinced of that.”

His exacts come after the confirmation of Portuguese economist Mario Centeno as the new Eurogroup boss earlier this year.

Mr Centeno is to suppose up his new position at the head of the powerful gathering — attended by finance ministers from across the eurozone — in the New Year.

And Mr de Guindos mounted a doubt for the post in 2015, but his disastrous bid ended in embarrassment for Spain after he declined to pick up a single vote.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s administration is counting on taking up the next major ECB role to become available next year.

Luis de GuindosGETTY

Luis de Guindos pronounced for the job of Eurogroup boss in 2015 but failed to win a single vote

Vitor Constancio, who currently supplies as vice president of the bank, is due to leave the post in May 2018.

Despite not being centre of the more populated countries in the EU, Portugal has enjoyed far more clout than its neighbours to the east in just out years, occupying the Presidency of the European Commission and now the UN General Secretariat.

On the other hand despite Madrid’s desire for more influence in the EU, Spain has yet to announce a entrant for the ECB post.

Mr de Guindos has refused to state whether he plans to throw his hat in the pack, but with the deadline for nominations looming, he will need to announce his candidacy within the next few weeks.

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