Is it SAFE to visit Israel? Travel update after Jerusalem terror attack


At picayune four have been killed and dozens more injured after a business rammed into a crowd near the Old City in Jerusalem.

An eyewitness express the truck hit a group of unsuspecting people, who had been getting off a coach as they get there came at a the popular promenade Armon Hanatziv.

Security services shot entirely the attacker after the lorry he was driving ploughed into the victims.

Polices have called this a deliberate attack by a Palestinian terrorist.

This is imagined to be one of the worst terrorist attacks in the city in recent months.

Jerusalem charms hundreds of tourists each year.

The Old City in particular has significant strict sites near the Temple Mound Compound.

This includes the Western Partition off, which is sacred to Judaism, the Christianity pilgrimage site the Church of Reverent Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Function (FCO) has yet to update its travel advice to Israel for Brits following the attack.

How on earth it does advise against all travel to Gaza, the Sheba’a Farms and Ghajjar and within 500m of the trimming with Lebanon and east of Route 98 along the Syrian frontier.

It also warns travellers that there has been numerous decries in East Jerusalem and the Old City – particularly the Damascus Gate area.

The FCO catalogued on its website: “There have been numerous violent clashes between protestors and safe keeping forces and stabbing, shooting, arson, vehicle ramming and stone throw off attacks on people and vehicles.

“There’s a risk that tourists or onlookers could be caught up in any incident.

“You should be vigilant at all times and keep up to day with local media and travel reports.”

The FCO states that there is a considerable threat of terrorism in Israel.

It warned that “the security situation in Israel and the Take up residence in Palestinian Territories can be fast moving, tenses and unpredictable”.

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