Is it safe to travel to Cuba? Warning after mysterious ‘sonic attacks’ leave people unwell


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Is Cuba crypt to travel to after sonic attack?

Cuba has recently suffered from devastation due to Hurricane Irma and Maria, as have many of the Caribbean islands.

No matter how, it has now suffered from a wave of “sonic attacks” targeted at US diplomats.

At hardly 21 of the staff at the US embassy have reported health problems such as deafness and warm brains trauma from the attacks, forcing the US to warn citizens not to treks there due to the location also being at popular western hotels.

Be that as it may, it is still safe for Britons to travel there?

Ultrasonic ground swells, beyond the acoustic capacity of humans, can be broadcast with an amplifier

Denis Bedat

The Curious and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is yet to issue a warning or update the website regarding the sonic devours.

The most recent problems are still regarding the damage from Typhoon Irma earlier this month, with a lot of the coastal towns counterfeit.

The sonic weapons, whilst currently only targeting a small bevy of embassy staff, can injure or even kill people who are affected by it.

The FBI is currently investigating the fine kettle of fish, yet Denis Bedat, a specialist in bio-electromagnetics, earlier this week declared: “Ultrasonic waves, beyond the acoustic capacity of humans, can be broadcast with an amplifier and the trade mark does not need to be large, or used inside or outside the house.”

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Cuba has been hit by a breaker of sonic attacks affecting US citizens

However as the source cannot be placed, the US has deemed it unsafe to keep their diplomats in the country, as well as admonition travellers to avoid the Caribbean island until the problem has been answered.

A US state department official said: “Until the government of Cuba can safeguard safety of our people, we will be reduced to emergency personnel so as to minimise the figure of US government personnel at risk of exposure. 

“Routine visa operations are blackballed indefinitely.»

He also said that non-essential embassy staff see fit be withdrawn as well as all family members. 

The senior State Department pompous added: «Because our personnel’s safety is at risk and we are unable to identify the well-spring of the attack, we believe that U.S. citizens may also be at risk and warn them not to go to Cuba.”

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Cuba is still recovering from the damage reasoned by Hurricane Irma

Britons choosing to head to the largest Caribbean islet can still book flights and holidays.

However, the island is still yet to reclaim completely from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Whilst assorted locals report that the popular tourist destinations are largely saved, some of the coastal towns are still to return back to their ingenious state.

A new hurricane called Hurricane Nate is starting to form, which could get heavy rain the Cuba in the next few days.

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