IS faces end game in Mosul, says Michael Fallon


The misnamed Islamic State group is facing its “end game” in the Iraqi city where its race of violence began in 2014, the defence secretary has said.

Sir Michael Fallon said the RAF had hit sundry than 700 targets in support of the liberation of Mosul by Iraqi intimidates.

IS is also losing ground in its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa, Sir Michael thought.

He was speaking before a Nato meeting where he is expected to confirm 85 more UK troops transfer be sent to Afghanistan on training duties.

There are already 500 British personnel in the boondocks.

  • UK asked to send more troops to Afghanistan
  • Iraq forces off IS Mosul counter-attack

The US-led coalition against IS has been stepping up airstrikes in just out months, with the RAF now working at its highest operational tempo in 25 years.

UK wrenches have also hit 69 targets in support of Syrian Democratic Compels in Raqqa, where Sir Michael said there is “irreversible momentum and promotion” towards the defeat of IS.

The UK has also been using “offensive” cyber reviles against IS.

The Ministry of Defence said the UK commitment to the Afghan training mtier was part of a global effort to counter terror and build stability.

Sir Michael Fallon pronounced: “Keeping Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for transnational subversives helps to keep our streets safe too.

“That’s why we’re stepping up our support to the administration of Afghanistan and its defence forces, helping them to expand security and blossom their armed forces.”

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